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Adam Foster, the teacher behind @iPadTeachers, has written an excellent guide to Book Creator.

Book Creator Teacher Guide

The book contains 47 pages of lesson ideas for using Book Creator for iPad, divided into 8 subject categories.

Book Creator Teacher Guide

“We are delighted that someone of Adam’s experience and knowledge of Book Creator has published a guide like this – it should prove an invaluable resource for teachers across the world.”Dan Amos, founder of Book Creator

Adam FosterAdam Foster is an experienced Primary School Teacher who teaches across Key Stage 1 and 2, as well as co-ordinating ICT at a Preparatory School in Wolverhampton, UK.

Adam provides iPad teacher training through iLearn2 and is also the brains behind the popular Teacher Guide to iPad app.

Adam recently posted a case study on our blog about how to use non-linear text to ‘gamify’ your books.

“Book Creator has been the most used app in our school since we got our first iPads in 2011. I included a section on it in our Teacher Guide to iPad app but because of the scope and possibilities of the app across all aspects of education, I felt it deserved it’s own teacher guide!”Adam Foster

  • Book Creator Teacher Guide - interactive stories
  • Book Creator Teacher Guide - quizzes
  • Book Creator Teacher Guide - other languages

Get your copy of the Book Creator Teacher Guide

The book is available on the iBooks Store for a bargain 99¢ / 49p.

Download from the iBooks Store

Dan Kemp is Red Jumper’s Community Manager. He spends his time spreading the word about Book Creator and supporting people who use it.

78 Comments on “Get your copy of the Book Creator Teacher Guide”

  1. I first heard about BookCreator from some of the people I follow on Twitter. I have become a big proponent of it, and have been experimenting with it, but need so much more guidance. I want this book, so that I can show others in my district how they can use it to make their students’ learning more authentic and valuable.

  2. I can’t wait to read this book. I’m always looking for great ideas to use Book Creator in the our first grade classroom. I’m grateful Mr. Foster has taken the time to put this information together and even created categories for the ideas to organize them easily.

  3. I first learned of Book Creator when researching iPads at the EdTechTeacher iPad Summit. It was one of the first paid apps I chose for our Lower School iPads, and has become one of our “go-to” apps for teachers and students.

  4. I ‘found’ Book Creator after it was recommended by a colleague on Twitter. Great resource-eager to learn how to use it more effectively.

  5. A fabulous resource which I found on Twitter sometime ago. The book for teachers would be extremely useful in assisting teachers to use book creator to its potential.

  6. What a great idea for a book! I first heard about Book Creator from an educational company called it each who specialise in iPads in education. My whole staff now use it and love , I was just using it today to enhance Literacy! Keep up the good work!

  7. Heard about Book Creator at the TCEA Conference a few years ago. I have been sharing it with teachers since then and it has been a favorite among classroom teachers and students.

  8. Attended a seminar where Joe Moretti named Book Creator as one of the three most essential apps for a teacher.

  9. First heard about Book Creator on a course ran by An apple educator, great app children love the simplisity of it!!

  10. This looks fabulous! I was just searching for tutorials to help me teach my second graders. Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource!

  11. at City University London we are passionate about stories and books as vehicles for language development, language enhancement, and language enjoyment. This app looks excellent for engaging people in stories. I first heard about it from my colleague, Ros Herman, who tweeted the link to me.

  12. Book Creator is a fabulous app that more teachers need to know about. A book filled with tips for first time and advanced users will be a welcome addition to a teacher’s toolkit.

  13. Book Creator is AWESOME! I learned about it through another Instructional Technology Resource Teacher in our school division. We’re recommending it on all of our school sets!

  14. I first heard about Book Creator from a presenter at the ITEC conference. My kids love using it and would love to learn more about what I can do with it.

  15. I first heard of Book Creator when I piloted a 1:1 ipad classroom 3 years ago. Wth this pilot I was given the opportunity to purchase two apps and Book Creator was one of those apps! My students have loved creating thier own versions of read aloud books I have read in class. I use it for all subject levels especially vocabulary since I’m a bilingual teacher. This app has transformed the way I teach on various levels! Highly recommend for any classroom or teacher!

  16. I would love to have a free copy of this iBook on Book Creator. I first learned about Book Creator this summer in a workshop led by Shawn McCusker from EdTech Teacher and loved it. Would love to use the book to learn a bit more so that I can help my teachers understand and use the tool better. I am the integration specialist for k-5 here at Sacred Heart.

  17. I learned about book creator through our technology integrationist. We use it in 2nd and 3rd grade. We hope to extend it to grades 4th and 5th.

  18. As a teacher librarian I love Book Creator for all ages and multiple ways to demonstrate learning and create content. Have been downloading student books to Vimeo and sharing with parents.

  19. I have the Book Creator app and used it one semester with ELLs for student portfolios, but don’t feel I’ve really exploited it to its full potential, so would really like this opportunity to learn more.

  20. I was looking for Book Creator resources and came across this on the Google+ iPad Community. Boooyah! :)

  21. I first learned about Book Creator through a local educational technology leader, Naomi Harm. I’ve been watching the app for almost 2 years and want to learn more about how this tool can be integrated to enhance student learning in our 1:1 iPad environment.

  22. I learned about Book Creator on Twitter. I explored it with my girls first and after with my students. It is fantastic!

  23. I heard about Book Creator at an iPad training day. I use it in my learning support lessons and to create revision materials with my students.

  24. I found about book creator en pinterest and I would love to try it with my students, I need some guide.
    Katy fromArgentina

  25. I heard about Book Creator on Scoop It. I loved the Teacher Guide to iPad and look forward to checking out Adam’s guide to Book Creator too!

  26. Book Creator app must for teachers in the world. I would like the book to keep learning about this fantastic app.

  27. I had a quick intro to Book Creator at NCTIES15 during an Apple Distinquished Educator session. I would love to learn more by having a guide to help me.

  28. As a 1:1 district using iPads (and the districts Technology Coach), I am always looking for resources to assist the teachers. We have purchased the app on our devices and this guide would assist me in teaching the teachers how it could be integrated into various subjects.

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  30. i am an iPad teacher from Scotland. Love book creator and heard about it for the first time when at a conference in Bolton,

  31. Our first and second graders used BookCreator for their digital portfolios, uploaded to iBooks, and then shared their learning stories with family at their student-led conferences. It was a raging success because of the multimedia aspect, the way an iBook allows kids to pause to turn and talk about evidence, and the capacity to tell an honest narrative about growth over time using classwork as evidence.

  32. I first heard and downloaded BookCreator several years ago when I was searching for a way for my students to create interactive stories. The ease of use and potential it possesses has cemented BookCreator as a regular in my classroom and teaching.

  33. I first heard of Book Creator from Sam Gliksmann’s blog and iPad in Education for Dummies book. The app is without doubt one of the best resources around for use in the classroom. It is so simple to use and so open (so it can be used for any learning outcome) and the kids love having a finished book. I’ve published the results in ISSUU a number of times also so that they have an animated flicking book of their work…brilliant

  34. First introduced to Book Creator by Andrew Jewell and iTeach in Edinburgh. Absolutely love this app and so do the children! Use it so much for MFL, it’s a fantastic must-have app.

  35. the first time i heard of Book creator was in the Apple education session for teachers primary education. I want to get ideas for the way to use the app with pupils of 4y.o. Maybe i get some ideas how to use this app easy.

  36. If there is one app I would recommend, it is Book Creator. I use it with all my learners who have special needs. We even made a Red Nose Day Joke book using Book Creator! I first heard about the app at the Bett Exhibition.

  37. I don’t remember how I was informed about Book Creator, but I LOVE it!! I use it to app smash my students’ monthly technology challenges (which then I put in iBooks for everyone to share. My first graders know how to use it on their own.

  38. I don’t even remember where I first heard about Book Creator. I do know that when we got our first classroom sets of iPad minis in October 2014, Book Creator was the first app I requested. I have used it in so many ways and shared my students’ creations with other teachers. Now all of the classrooms have Book Creator loaded on their iPads!

  39. I heard about BookCreator on Twitter when some of the wonderful teachers I follow started sharing about this app that allows their students to share books easily with others. Now, my students LOVE to create stories and share with classes across the world. BookCreator makes it sooooo easy for them to do!

  40. I first heard about book creator when it was recommended by the people we bought our iPads from. Have used it with many classes over the years but would definitely value some expert advice on how to use it in innovative ways

  41. I first heard about it from our Library Media Specialist in a class she was offering to staff. Then a coworker also told me about this giveaway…would be a great resource for my class!

  42. I heard about book creator from another co-worker. I started using it in my classroom about a year ago and the students love creating their own books. I am currently using it with my students to create their own poetry books.

  43. I am furiously trying to find apps that are appropriate and easy to use for my K-4 classes. Book creator seems great. Would live to know more about it!

  44. I heard about it in a professional development class. My students love it. In the library we use it for book lists, reports and I even have an after school club – Kids Are Authors, Too! I use it whenever I can, but I’m sure I’m not using it to it’s full potential. I’d love to learn more.

  45. I first heard about Book Creator on an podcast! I’ve been impressed with how flexible it is for using with all levels of elementary students. I’m currently using it in a global collaboration project:

  46. Only just found out about this but looks like a fabulous resource -need the information and ideas to get started!!

  47. i discovered Book Creator last year and use it with ALL my students kinder -fifth grade. It’s easy to. Use and the kids love making books.

  48. I heard about book creator when a rep from e-learning came to my old school to talk about apps that can make a difference.

  49. Book Creator introduced to me by Kristen Ziemke, who uses Book Creator to help students share their thinking. I’ve found it to be a wonderful tool especially for the shy students who want to share their ideas, but won’t speak up in class! I love the ease of use! The 2nd graders have taught me some tricks.

  50. i first heard about book creator when our district began using the app several years ago. We use it with everyone in grades PreK-8. It is awesome that we now have a teacher guide. I hope to win a free copy, but if not I’ll buy it at the App Store.
    Thank you!

  51. I love Book Creator! I found it on a random app search and have been using it ever since. I work with the Deaf and hard or hearing so great apps are hard to come by that don’t require hearing. The students can sign a story, information, directions, and then add pictures and drawings as well as text. It is such an easy to use app that is also very flexible. I am looking forward to the new addition of shapes.

  52. Wow! What a response! Thanks for all your feedback. The giveaway is now closed. We’ve chosen 20 people at random to receive a copy of this book for free. The winners are:

    Meg Denton
    Jody Chang
    Cathy Carpenter
    Chris Turnbull
    Mary Morgan Ryan
    Rebekah Konkel
    Kerri Tilton
    Randy Seldomridge
    Lisa Smith
    Janet Robles
    Megan Mkrtschjan
    Karey Brown
    Thomas Simpson
    Kristin Lagerquist
    Carl Parent
    Katie Ameigh
    Sarah (Edinburgh)
    Martin Coutts

    Please check your emails for the download code! Everyone else – I hope you still go and purchase the book from the iBooks Store – it’s good value for money!

  53. Hi Dan,

    I have already bought Adam Foster’s previous books and recently his iPad app. Is the content of this significantly different to these?

    I’m happy to purchase it if it is, but if it is just previous content repackaged I’ll give it a miss rather than purchase it for a fourth time :)


    1. Hi Tristan,

      Thanks for purchasing the app and previous books. The Book Creator Guide has similar ideas to the app but it goes into more detail about how they were achieved. It also has about 15 new ideas not included in the app. Whether you think that is worth the 49p is obviously your decision.
      Thanks again, Adam

  54. Many thanks to Adam Foster for this book with wonderful tips. I am curious about how he managed to have the illustrations/text slide while keeping the same heading. I’ve been trying to figure it out and have done some research on the website but I can’t seem to find an answer…

    1. Hi Catherine, Adam made the book with iBooks Author which is how was able to insert that slideshow widget. This is definitely something we’d like to bring to Book Creator in the future!

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