Creating Equation iBooks with Book Creator

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A short case study on how these sixth grade students got on creating ebooks to help solve equations.

Teaching one-step equations to sixth grade has always been an interesting task, as these problems can usually be solved with mental math. This time around, instead of notes and practice, they listened to a few short videos created by our math peer tutors and then set about working on creating a 10+ page book on one-step equations.

How we went about it

My math peer tutors, all nineteen of them, spent two days creating one-step equation “how-to” videos for the students. The students then watched these and completed the questions with the peer tutors.

Following that they started their book where they were to include an image of their notes/facts on one-step equations, state the inverse operation for each kind of equation, create two equations of their own (preferably with the second one using negatives), and then record a short video explaining the process verbally.

The tools we used

Halfway into our first year with iPads and these students were content creation kings. I stand firm on the idea that students will dig deeper and work harder if they not only are allowed to create in class, but also are able to share. This project hit both those, plus pushed them to research and gather information on their own.

  • Materials: iPad, notebook, pencil, carpet squares, peer tutor videos on equations, class blog.
  • Apps used: Book Creator for iPad, Explain Everything, Doceri, Camera, Photos, PicCollage, Dropbox, iBooks, Safari.

With over 130 books being finished, I won’t be able to post a viewing of all of them. But below is a short video with some examples of the books they created.

Dan is a Math teacher at Linus Pauling Middle School, Oregon. He’s also a technology tester and integrator, and assistant TF/XC coach.

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