Say hello to Book Creator 2.7

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We’re thrilled to share with you the latest upgrade to Book Creator.

Book Creator for iPad


A great new way of working with pages

A lot of people have asked about copying pages so that the same layout can be applied throughout a book. Book Creator 2.7 delivers this!

But that’s not all. You can now also share pages to Twitter, Facebook, Email and the Camera roll. Ideal for sharing details of the book you’re working on.

For full details check out the pages support article.

AccessibilityImproved VoiceOver support

You can now add an accessibility description to your images. Together with the great support for VoiceOver in iBooks your books can now be read by everyone, even when they can’t see the screen.


iOS 7 ready

We’ve extensively tested Book Creator with iOS 7 to ensure it will work perfectly when you upgrade.

Look out for a further upgrade from us once iOS 7 is released taking full advantage of the new interface and features from Apple.

Fixes and improvements

This update includes a few other fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed: A crash when pasting images into the Add Text screen.
  • Fixed: The audio recorder and inspector were sometimes showing the incorrect duration.
  • Fixed: Landscape photos on a retina iPad and iPad mini are now imported to perfectly fit a landscape page.
  • Improvement: We’ve merged the sharing and cloud buttons on the My Books screen to make things simpler. Everything is still there, and now it’s clearer how to export as a PDF file.
  • Improvement: A refreshed icon and design.

Get the update today

The update is now available in the App Store. Happy book making!

Download from the App Store

4 Comments on “Say hello to Book Creator 2.7”

  1. Hi Dan,

    Have just upgraded to the new version and I’m liking it a lot. Being able to create template pages and then copy them as required is a godsend.



  2. Hi Dan
    I know I have repeatedly stated the awesomeness of BookCreator but I never tire if saying it in all my iPad workshops and presentations. The hyperlink feature is great.. particularly with being able to link to another page.
    Best wishes
    Jim Sprialis

  3. Just to let you know: 18 books (titles) published so far -some with audio & video- since end of last July using your amazing app Book Creator.
    thank you for making the old ‘desktop publishing’ so easy.
    Greeting from Lisbon, Portugal.

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