Get drawing with Book Creator 3.0

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We’re thrilled to announce that Book Creator 3.0 is now available in the App Store. With Book Creator you can now draw and write in your iBooks using the new pen tool.

Great for simple illustrations, scribbling and annotations whether you’re planning to publish to the iBookstore, share with your friends or turn in work to your teacher.

With drawings added to your book we thought you might also want an easier way to share what you’re working on. You can now quickly save pages to the Camera Roll or share them to your favourite social networks using the Inspector.


A new look for iOS 7

We also have a new look for iOS 7. Whilst adopting the iOS 7 design language we resisted the temptation to change how Book Creator works, keeping it simple and intuitive.

We’re really pleased with how it came out and we hope you are too. If you’re staying on iOS 6 for now we also have you covered. All the new features in this update are available for iOS 6.

The update is now available in the App Store.

Happy book making!

4 Comments on “Get drawing with Book Creator 3.0”

  1. I love Book Creator – and would love to see even more great functionality and tools added. I recently built a book and felt my experience could have been improved if there was:

    1) Crop function on pictures – right now it seems proportional scale is the only function.
    2) Addition of drop shadows or frames on graphics and text.
    3) The ability to export a finished page as a flat image (no layers to reduce files size) and maximized for the app (maximizing image quality and minimizing size).
    4) Ability to resample inserted sound files to minimize file size while maintaining quality.
    5) Basic recording edit functions.

    I’d also like some informational guidelines on dpi and other best practices for file types in an easy access help file.

    Thanks again. I love the app – and wanted to share my thoughts in a constructive way!


    1. Christian / Tony,

      Thanks for your feedback, it’s worth pointing out that we have a feature request section in our support forum here:

      That’s the best place to add your requests as other users can then vote to second them and make them a higher priority for us. You might find some features are already on our radar.

      To answer a couple of Tony’s questions:

      – You can export a finished page as a flat image. Within your book, go to the Pages screen, tap Edit and then tap on the page you want to export. Choose Share and you’ll see a number of options for sharing the page, either to your Camera Roll or straight to social media.

      – For info, on dpi and image sizes, check out this article:

      I’ll bear in mind your comments as I’m about to set about making wholesale improvements to our support area.

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