Apple Distinguished Educators choose Book Creator as their ‘One Best Thing’

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One Best Thing

Apple recently asked 102 of their ADEs to share their best practices, ideas and projects for a collection of multi-touch books to be published for free on iTunes.

The One Best Thing section in the iBooks Store is a collection of all these books, divided into categories, including ‘Content Creation in the Classroom’ among others.

When we had a closer look at some of the ideas that had been shared, we were humbled to see how many people had chosen to say something about Book Creator for iPad.

Special thanks to these people below (and if we’ve missed anyone out, do let us know!)

Jane Ross

Jane Ross, Apple Distinguished EducatorJane Ross is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Technology Coach teaching in Asia. Jane has been a regular contributor to this blog, sharing case studies from her work with her school in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Her story about how her 5-year-old son became a published author is both touching and inspiring, and has been featured on many other websites, including Cult of Mac.

For Jane’s One Best Thing, she focused on sharing her knowledge of creating and publishing books on an iPad. The ebook offers a step-by-step guide to creating authentic stories on an iPad and then publishing to the iBooks Store.

Jane Ross's book as viewed in iBooks

Carolyn Skibba

Carolyn SkibbaWe featured Carolyn on this blog when, in Spring 2013, the students of Burley School in Chicago, Illinois, and Arskóli in Saudarkrokur, Iceland embarked on a journey to collaborate and co-author with each other.

The result was ‘Faraway Friends‘, a wonderful collaboration and a fantastic example of what can be achieved if classrooms think globally.

Carolyn’s One Best Thing ebook tells the story of how the collaboration came about (partly inspired by Jane Ross, above!) and then moves into a fantastic account of the nuts and bolts of producing and sharing an ebook made in Book Creator, including a couple of very useful video tutorials on using Book Creator and Dropbox. Teachers should definitely download this book!

Download ‘Faraway Friends: Collaborative Student Publishing’

Carolyn Skibba - One Best Thing ebook screenshot

Karen Bosch

Karen BoschKaren Bosch is another teacher who we’ve featured on our blog, back in October 2013: ‘Creating a book of poetry with Book Creator‘. She was thrilled to be able to create a project entirely on iPads and counts it as one of the best iPad projects she’s done with her class.

Karen’s One Best Thing ebook explores how teachers can go about creating and publishing multimedia poetry, based on her APPlied Poetry project. The book includes useful hints and tips throughout, with suggested apps, ideas for sourcing images, and a whole section on creating and publishing with Book Creator!

Screenshot from Karen Bosch's One Best Thing ebook

Jenny Grabiec

Jenny GrabiecJenny Grabiec is a long-time fan of Book Creator (see below!), so we were really pleased to see that she had used her One Best Thing opportunity to talk about how to take publishing ebooks further by creating iTunes U collections.

Jenny has published two iTunes U courses – one on Human Body Systems and another on Endangered Animals, with the books being made in Book Creator.

Jenny’s One Best Thing ebook is all about the process they went through to achieve this. The book also includes a handy video tutorial on how to create and share ebooks using Book Creator.

Screenshot from Jenny Grabiec's One Best Thing ebook

Andrew Dickenson

Andrew DickensonAndrew Dickenson is a university tutor and consultant from the UK, working around the globe as a specialist in creative applications for technology in education.

His One Best Thing ebook is all about sparking a fuse in the minds of young people, building enthusiasm for creativity in students. The book details a fascinating interactive project where the students used iPads for a number of tasks, including journaling their thoughts in Book Creator.

As a story, it’s a great read and will hopefully inspire teachers to try something similar in their classroom!

Download ‘Creating a Spark with Authoring: Building Interactive Books for Students’

Graphic taken from Andrew Dickenson's One Best Thing ebook

Julie Hearn

Julie Hearn leads an initiative called The Wheelhouse – a program designed to expand student learning beyond the classroom.

Her book focuses on taking advantage of the portability of the iPad to get her students out and about, carrying out scientific research to expand their learning. She explains how she got students to “think like a scientist” before carrying out field research, and lists lots of apps to help out with taking photos, capturing sound, and drawing.

Book Creator is listed as one of the apps you can use to “put it all together” (if this interests you, check out this post: ‘Writing up a science experiment with Book Creator‘). Julie even embeds a whole book made by her student in Book Creator into her One Best Thing book.

Download ‘Thinking Like a Scientist: Students as Mobile Researchers’

One Best Thing - Thinking Like A Scientist

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