Share your ebooks as movies with Book Creator 3.1

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Export to video, iPad screenshot

Book Creator now has a new way of publishing your books – as movies!

With the simple video export you can upload your books to YouTube or Vimeo making it easy to share your creations with anyone, no matter what device or computer they use.

We’ve ensured that any audio or video within your book will playback within the exported video. This works really great with rich multimedia work such as student portfolios.

Here’s an excerpt from “The Global iBook” published from Book Creator to YouTube:

You can find the video export as a new option on the My Books screen and as always we’ve kept this super simple. For more information check out the new video sharing section in the Support site.

The easiest video creating app for the iPad?

People have been asking us for a way to share their books, particularly on teacher blogs for example, and we’re really pleased to take this big step towards making that experience easier.

In fact we think Book Creator may now be one of the easiest ways to create and share videos on your iPad.

Happy book movie making!

4 Comments on “Share your ebooks as movies with Book Creator 3.1”

  1. Being able to turn a book created with Book Creator into a movie sounds great. But the ability to flow text would be a really big selling point in making Creator a must-have for designers transitioning from print. That would make me upgrade my older version of Book Creator in a NY minute!

  2. feature request
    consider adding tumblr as an upload service
    simplicity is great, but “advanced” mode might allow user size (Mb) and quality choices for output
    more advanced: select only particular pages for vid without having to create a new book to do such

    fantastic new feature!

    1. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions spinoza. Do you have the Tumblr app installed on your iPad? I wonder if it would automatically appear in the list of ‘Open in…’ apps by default?

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