Photographer publishes ebook to support MS charity

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We love to get behind stories about people using technology for good. Here’s one.

In 2012, two weeks before my son was born, I woke up to a numb sensation throughout my body. After months of testing I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and autoimmune neurological disorder that millions of people around the world live with.

It was at that point that I decided to set a goal for my photographic work. From that point, until there is a cure, all the proceeds from the sale of my photography will go to help fund MS research and help those further along the course of the disease than I.

Editor’s note: Christian is raising money for the MS Society of Canada.
You can donate to them here.

iPhoneography presented in Book Creator

In July 2013 I had an idea for a third book of my photography that would focus on the photography I have made at the spur of the moment with my iPhone (sometimes referred to as ‘iPhoneography’).

Photo of a rainbow in Christian's book

In keeping with the theme, I decided that I wanted to try and make an iBook. Immediately I turned to Book Creator, an app I have been using with my students for a few years. The sheer simplicity makes this app invaluable, and I have been a big proponent of Book Creator not only in my school, but with schools throughout my board.

Why I’m giving away my book on the iBooks Store

Kairos front coverWhile creating the book, an idea came into my head.  Since these photographs would stay in digital format thanks to Book Creator, why not release the book for free?

This may seem counter productive, but with every download I’m encouraging readers to make a donation to the MS Society in lieu of a purchase price.

A free book will get into more hands, and in turn will hopefully generate more donations. This experiment simply wouldn’t be possible with traditional books, as they cost too much to create. With Book Creator and iBooks, it allowed me to think outside of the box.

Photo of a snail close up

 Download ‘Kairos’ by Christian Stepien from the iBooks Store

With this project complete, I now know how incredibly simple yet powerful this app is. Without question, my future ebooks will be made with Book Creator.

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