Are you looking for a resource to help teach with iPads?

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iPad Monthly is a new professional development newsletter for teachers using iPads in the classroom.

Paul HamiltonThis fantastic new resource is the brainchild of Paul Hamilton, a teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator. He is a long-time fan of Book Creator and has produced some invaluable video tutorials on using Book Creator.

Paul has also contributed to this blog with his lovely story of how he worked with his daughter to create a high quality ebook that they published to the iBooks Store.

What does iPad Monthly contain?

  1. Links to practical, easy to follow video tutorials (created by Paul) for teachers.
  2. Focus on Teaching & Learning.
  3. Age appropriate App recommendations that have been used by real students and real teachers.
  4. Direct links to the curriculum.
  5. Links to global trends in education technology – coding, robotics, etc.
  6. Links to other iPad leading technologists.
  7. 6 lesson ideas in each edition.

As a taster of what to expect, here is Paul’s tutorial on using the new Shapes tool in Book Creator to carry out a 2D math investigation.

This tutorial was produced exclusively for iPad Monthly but Paul has kindly allowed us to share it here. You’ll need to subscribe to get more great tutorials like this!

Paul said:

“We love Book Creator at our school because it allows the students to focus on the learning, not the technology itself. This is what all hardware and software should aim to do in education.

“I don’t know about you but I find myself returning to my favourite apps when planning dynamic and rich activities for my students. I believe great apps provide teachers and students with the tools to make their own learning connections.

“So many schools have invested in iPads without investing in teacher Professional Development. The iPad Monthly newsletter is a quick, cost effective way of providing practical ways of integrating these powerful tools into the classroom.”

7 Comments on “Are you looking for a resource to help teach with iPads?”

  1. Great idea Paul! You continue to come up with wonderful initiatives that are so ‘just in time’. I would use the shape buttons with colour coding as a kind of highlight tool to identify different parts of speech. Then I’d probably overlay an invisible sound button to confirm each one. Would be nice to create a template that could be built upon by the students.

  2. Excellent tutorial!! Our curriculum covers area and perimeter in third grade, and I would love to use the shapes feature in Book Creator to bring relevance to the topic. Ideas are already forming for how to use the feature to have students explore areas around our school and calculate the area and perimeter using the graph paper.

  3. it is so easy to model real life learning, yesterday my Daughters homework was around world penguin day, so we created a penguin family using shapes.

    Today we will do a bit more research and add some media to her new penguin family in Book Creator.

    Teachers love Book Creator as it is a great way to share learning with parents and carers

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