How the co-creator of Explain Everything uses Book Creator

Reshan RichardsCase study, Middle School

Reshan Richards turned to Book Creator in his classroom to help create books to be shared with lower grade students.

As the co-founder of an app that was designed to be open-ended, creativity inspiring, and easy-to-use (Explain Everything!), I have been a huge fan of Book Creator since its inception as it mirrors certain qualities that I look for in any tool used to support teaching and learning environments.

It provides an intuitive interface, solid import and export options, and a lot of joy to its users. Most importantly, it allows a teacher to design a task, communicate expectations to students, and then get out of the way (!) as students unleash their creativity.

Example 1 from Reshan's class

Using Book Creator in the classroom

6th Grade students at Montclair Kimberley Academy, where I served as Director of Educational Technology for the past 4 years, created children’s books about being kind to others that were to be shared with and read to students in the lower grades. Book Creator was the perfect solution as they wanted to keep the content organized, work on the projects over multiple days, and easily be able to export the ePub and PDF files to Dropbox.

Reshan example 2

Luke, one of the 6th grade students, remarked,

“It was fun and cool to go through the creative thought process to see our story and plot move farther and change into a real book you can read.”
Book Creator is available on all of the iPads that are used in grades PK-8 and is becoming to be one of the more popular creation tools used by students in 2nd through 6th grade.

Reshan example 3

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