Teachers on Twitter collaborate to create and publish an ebook in 1 hour!

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What would happen if #iosedchat participants tried to write, compile and publish an book in 1 hour? Jon Smith attempted to find out.

Every once in a while someone asks me to host a chat on Twitter. I love chats but many times find myself getting bored with the same formats. A question here, a question there.

When I was asked to host #iosedchat I wanted to come up with something different.

The idea popped in my head almost immediately. On Twitter I am known mostly for the student-written iBooks that we have published.

Book Creator is my favorite app for making iBooks and it became clear that I wanted to make a book. I’ve been heavily involved in collaborative book projects the last few years and this was going to be another collaborative effort.

The idea was simple, yet bold. I wanted to create tasks for participants to do in the Book Creator app. I wanted to compile their book pages into one book. I wanted to publish this book.  And… I wanted to do it all in an hour.

The Twitter chat took place on Thursday 29 October, and I’m please to say we accomplished what we set out to do. Here is our book, created in an hour, published immediately and live on the iBooks Store the next day.

 Download ‘Collaborators Collaborating As Coauthors’ from the iBooks Store

One of the most important lessons that came out of this activity was completely unintentional. A participant said at the end that for the first time in a long time they felt like a student. They felt stressed. They felt pressured. They felt scared.

All of these things reminded this person about what it’s like to be a kid. They had fun with the activity but felt like a kid again.

Overall statistics:

  • 17 teachers
  • 93 pages

Below is a summary of how the whole thing took place, in real time.

wakeletPowered by Wakelet

wakelet Powered by Wakelet

Editor’s note:

Since this chat we’ve repeated the 1 book / 1 hour Twitter chat a few times:

And in fact, we love doing this so much that now every #BookCreator Twitter chat involves creating a book together in 1 hour!

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