Book Creator now has full support for shared iPads

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With our latest update to the paid version of Book Creator we have added full support for shared iPad and Managed Apple ID deployments.

Once configured through your MDM, students’ books are automatically synched to their iCloud storage and available for download on any iPad they use. This also ensures a student’s work is available even if their typical iPad is lost, restored or purged of their user data.

Respectful of your resources

Under the hood we have worked hard to ensure we are respectful of a user’s iCloud quota, ensuring we are proactively purging any Book Creator data no longer required. Also, Book Creator will only download books from iCloud to a student’s device when explicitly requested, preventing unnecessary use of your classroom WiFi.

Book Creator book with iCloud icon

Simple deployment using your MDM

To make this new feature super easy for administrators to deploy using their chosen MDM solution we have joined the AppConfig Community and made available a compatible xml file. You can read full details in our support article.

We’re very excited to make Book Creator even easier to use in your classroom!

10 Comments on “Book Creator now has full support for shared iPads”

  1. How can it advance past the advertisement to upgrade for comics when trying to choose a book shape?

    1. Hi – if you’re using the free version of Book Creator the comic templates aren’t available, which is why you’re seeing the ad. If you upgrade, you can make unlimited books and also comic books.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Rae – yes, you can create a standard book and many of the comic styles are available there. Just make sure you choose from the first row of page templates (portrait, square, landscape) and not the comic ones.

    1. Hi Leonard – you can make one book with the free version. Unlimited books with the paid version.

  3. Hi Dan
    Got completely excited about the app. BookCreator. Watched many tutorial films on YouTube. Then read a lot on the website. Explained very clearly. Compliments.
    Still one question. As a retired graphic artist, I made a complete book on my old Mac (G5) with InDesign CS2. I cannot and do not want to continue working on this to publish it. Want to do everything on my ipad.
    I can export any page in a PDF or Jpeg.
    If I have purchased the BookCreator app, I can put it on any page. Export these to Apple iBooks.
    My questions, what resolution should I use and can anyone download this from me for free. I want that. I want to publicize what I am currently drawing. Many people look at my work on my blog.
    That was it, because your app has many possibilities.
    With friendly greetings
    Volkert Waalkens, The Netherlands

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