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Would you like to see your students’ work on a giant cinema screen?!

It will be no surprise to you that we’re big fans of writing. So we’re very pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with Book Creator Ambassador Dominic Traynor and the rest of the folk at A Tale Unfolds to be media partner for the first ever LitFilmFest at London’s IMAX cinema.

The festival is designed to push the boundaries of primary literacy, turning young pupils into creative filmmakers, whilst radically improving standards in English.

LitFilmFest promo - London iMax cinema

Combining traditional literacy and digital skills, the resources bring classroom writing into the digital age through the creation of a short film or trailer.

Once pupils have written and made their finished films, teachers are being invited to submit them to LitFilmFest, a primary school film festival taking place at the BFI IMAX in London on Monday 19th June 2017.

Then, over 1500 KS2 pupils will watch the winning films on the biggest screen in Britain, 20 x 26 metres!

Students filming with a green screen background

Using Pupil Prime Minister, a KS2 teaching resource designed to make our children into active citizens, this 10 lesson project brings persuasive writing into the digital age by getting pupils to create their own political manifesto and party political broadcast video!

Written with the help of ex-defence minister Peter Kilfoyle, we are proud to be part of something which gets kids not only thinking and writing, but also makes their voices heard. You could even make an interactive manifesto book using Book Creator! To download the project, visit A Tale Unfolds.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 19th May. Winners will be notified and invited to film their entry professionally with YouTube & the BFI shortly before the event at the IMAX in Waterloo, London.

For more information on how to enter, visit Let’s get filming!

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