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Here’s 3 ideas to try with your students, that use Book Creator to make thinking more visible.

Over the past couple of years I have run many sessions at edtech conferences around the world and without a doubt, the most popular have been those that involve ‘thinking routines’, ’making thinking more visible’ and how this can be enhanced through the use of technology.

Project Zero – Visible Thinking

4 comic panels in Book Creator analysing text

One of the reasons these sessions are so popular is because teachers recognize learning experiences that allow students to ‘dive deeply’ into learning.

They encourage students to think creatively about topics. And Book Creator is a perfect fit for thinking routines. It removes the obstacles that some education technology brings, and allows the students to focus on the learning at hand, not the technology itself.

Here are some thinking routines from Project Zero that I have conducted with my students, using Book Creator to make thinking more visible.

1. Exploring layers

With this routine, we looked at ways for structuring the analysis of creative works. It is a wonderful routine for encouraging your students to identify powerful questions that can develop inquiry skills and deepen understanding of any topic.

Make use of Book Creator’s ability to insert photos, highlight specific text and record audio as a way for students to share what they are thinking.

2. What makes you say that?

An effective routine that builds justification skills and encourages evidential reasoning. Using the comic templates within Book Creator allows a sequential path to be developed and zooming in on special visuals allows students to focus on evidence building.

3. CSI: Colour-Symbol Image

This is my favorite routine for allowing students to explore ideas through verbal and non-verbal methods. I found it is a great routine for students to represent thinking in a variety of ways. You’ll find that no two student answers are the same. What better way to celebrate divergent thinking?!

Paul is an Apple Distinguished Educator and a trendsetter in the EdTech industry – a 2013 finalist for the International EdTech Digest Awards Recognition Program. He has published several books (and also some fantastic video tutorials on using Book Creator). He's also a Book Creator Ambassador.

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