Digital Learning Day – 22 Feb 2018

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We have a host of activities planned for this year’s Digital Learning Day, to support teachers using technology in the classroom.

Digital Learning Day is an annual event organised by the Alliance for Excellent Education. This year we’ve decided to get involved by running a number of activities to engage students and empower educators.

Digital Learning Day website

Book sharefest!

We’d love to share your books with the world! There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing your best work.

This could be a template book you want to share with other teachers. It could be a fantastic collaborative book your students have made. Any subject – any grade level, it doesn’t matter. 

Your books will be shared in a blog post, on our Pinterest hall of fame and across social media, giving you and your students a global audience!

Introduction to Book Creator by EdTechTeacher

The experts at EdTechTeacher delivered a masterclass on using Book Creator in the classroom. It’s well worth watching if you want to take Book Creator to the next level in your teaching. Watch the video below or go straight to YouTube where we’ve time-coded the key learning points so you can skip straight to them. 

#BookCreator chat

Dr. Joan McGettigan hosted this Twitter chat and it was memorable for being the first time we tested real-time collaboration across the world. Here’s the book they made discussing the topic below.

February Twitter chat

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