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Join #BookCreator chat on 20 September for our most ambitious project ever – a Twitter marathon – 26.2 hours of collaborative book creation!

Two of our most enthusiastic Book Creator Ambassadors (Ann Kozma and Jon Smith) have teamed up to bring you a Book Creator challenge unlike any other. They want you to help create a collaborative book over Twitter, the likes of which has never been done before!

How to take part

  • It begins on Thursday, 20th September at 1pm PST (check your time zone).
  • Follow along on Twitter with the hashtags #BookCreator or #the262.
  • You’ll be creating a book, so you’ll need to sign in or register at app.bookcreator.com.
  • Join the Book Creator Marathon library with the code 75RJX.
    How to join a library
  • Create a book in the landscape-comic format. Leave it blank for now.
  • Make sure to name your book by clicking on the section under your book. The book name should be your name.

A marathon, not a sprint

  • When the challenge begins, we will release a new task every hour, on the hour—for 26 hours!
  • Read the task and create a page in your book to answer the task’s question. No worries if you can’t answer all 26 questions/tasks. We are realistic and realize that you need your sleep!
  • Label each page with the task you are answering. Remember to have fun and get creative. Let’s see some truly inspiring pages.
  • At the end of the 26 hours, review your pages in your book for errors, additions and general flow. We will then compile all books into one awesome compilation and publish for the world.
  • If you are not using the Chrome version of Book Creator and prefer to use Book Creator for iPad you can still participate. Create your books on the iPad and then email the ePub version of the book to Jon at smithjo@alliancecityschools.org. We will upload your version and add it to the book.

Thanks so much to Ann and Jon for coming up with this innovative idea and pulling it all together. We can’t wait to see what you create. Let’s make history together!

Dan Kemp is Red Jumper's Community Manager. He spends his time spreading the word about Book Creator and supporting people who use it.

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