#BringCreativity newsletter – January 2019

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This month is International Creativity Month and Book Creator can help students show off their creative side!

Here are a few tips for establishing a space where students can share their learning creatively:

  1. Encourage students to brainstorm ideas
  2. Provide time for students to share their ideas with a partner
  3. Share examples of how creativity is important in every subject area
  4. Schedule a virtual visit with a person who has a “creative” career

This month we released a great new update allowing teachers to publish whole libraries. We've put together a collection of example books to demonstrate what these published libraries can do for you.

Comic books on a pink shelf

An example of a published library. This one shows some great comic books made in Book Creator.

January Lesson spotlight

In our January lesson spotlight, we’ve shared one special lesson from each of our free ebooks for you to explore this month.

Early Elementary (K-2)

You can try out idea #32 which is all about teaching phonics. For a wintertime spin, use a word list related to seasonal vocabulary.

Upper Elementary (3-5)

Idea #5 is perfect for starting the new year off strong! Choose one prompt from the list on this page to help students reflect on their progress.

Middle School (6-8)

January is a the perfect time to try a new strategy - what about using Google Forms with Book Creator? Idea #14 in this book will help you get started.

High School (9-12)

By this time in the year, students have identified problems in their school they can fix themselves. Use project #12 to help them get creative with a solution.

Book Creator Ambassador spotlight

Lisa Johnson is a Texas-based educator who is passionate about creativity in the classroom.

We’re spotlighting her this month because her new book Creatively Productive will be released this month and it fits in with our focus on International Creativity Month.

You can follow along with Book Creator Ambassador Lisa Johnson on Instagram where she shares lots of tips for teachers.

January Social Challenge

Create a post in our Facebook group sharing one way you’ve used Book Creator in your classroom this academic year.

At the end of the month, we’ll send a special Book Creator mug to one lucky winner.

Not part of our Facebook group yet?
Join here, and get connected with other educators who are passionate about Book Creator. This special space is ready for you to jump into a discussion, pose a question, or simply read about other educators’ favorite ways to use Book Creator.

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