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Let's focus on some of the basics of using Book Creator (and a really cool trick).

So you'll be into the swing of the new school term by now, and hopefully Book Creator is helping students to get acclimatised and demonstrate their learning in a fun way. Let's review a couple of the basic things you'll need to know to make the most of Book Creator in your classroom.

Make use of the library settings

The library settings are your friend! Make sure you know how to navigate between libraries using the Teacher Dashboard in the top left, then click on the cog in the toolbar to access the settings. From here you can toggle on/off various settings, rename the library, and publish it online.

Learn more about each library setting

Can't find your books?

Teachers sometimes contact us panicking that they cannot find their books. Don't worry, we will never delete your books! There are usually two main reasons why you might have misplaced your books.

  1. You're in the wrong library. Navigate to another library by going to the Teacher Dashboard or by going straight to app.bookcreator.com/libraries.
  2. You've signed in with a different account. This might be because you're on a shared computer and you've signed in with a different Google or Microsoft account, or you accidentally created a new account by signing in by email rather than using single sign-on. Click on the avatar in the top-right of your library to see which account is signed in, and to sign out if you need to.
Add Bitmojis to your book!

We know you teachers love Bitmojis... and using the Bitmoji Chrome extension, it's a doddle to bring these into your Book Creator books. You can literally just drag them onto the page and they'll convert into a standard image in Book Creator. Have fun with this!

How do students make books?

There are 3 ways that students make books in Book Creator:

  1. Create their own book.
  2. Copy a teacher's book so they can work on their own version.
  3. Work on a book that multiple students are collaborating on.

You can learn more about this in our support article, but we also invite you to join our Teacher Success Manager, Jon Smith, in a special webinar this month:

New Perspectives - The Student View of Book Creator (Weds, 20th October). We'll be looking at how students interact with Book Creator, what their dashboard looks like, how they collaborate and publish, and more.

Other webinars in October:

October Lesson spotlight

Have you seen our FREE ebooks full of lesson ideas for teachers? In this month's lesson spotlight, we’ve shared one special lesson from each book for you to explore this month. Check out the Resources section of your Teacher Dashboard for even more ideas!

Early Elementary (K-2)

Use the Science activity in this book to celebrate World Rainforest Week (12-18 Oct) this month! Students can create infographics using emojis to show off what they’ve learned about a rainforest animal.

Upper Elementary (3-5)

Try an AppSmash with Book Creator and Soundtrap to celebrate National Food Day on 24th October. Students can interview a friend about their favorite foods and share their recordings on a page in a collaborative ebook.

Middle School (6-8)

As students continue to get to know each other this fall, try out the creative challenge activity in this book. You might make a connection to National Do Something Nice Day (5th Oct) as students give feedback and compliments to their classmates.

High School (9-12)

To celebrate International Internet Day (29 Oct), try out an activity with your students like the cyberbullying scenarios featured in this book. Your students can practice what to do in different situations where cyberbullying might come into play.

Student showcase

Emma Snow, Head of English at an all-boys school in the UK, shared her experience of creating this fantastic compendium of spy stories with her year 6 (grade 5) boys during remote learning.

Find it here: Solefield Year 6 Spy Fiction Stories by Year 6, Solefield School, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK

Explore more amazing creativity in our English / Language Arts library.

Book Creator Ambassador spotlight

This month we welcome the class of 2020 👋

We're really proud to announce that we added a whole roster of new Ambassadors to our family over the summer, taking us to 1,000 Book Creator Ambassadors from 65 countries worldwide!

Book Creator Ambassadors are vital to the ongoing development of Book Creator, both in terms of feedback to us as a team and for spreading the word amongst education communities, and we're delighted to be able to work so closely with such passionate and dedicated educators.

Connect with a Book Creator Ambassador near you.

October Social Challenge

What’s your favorite social network? Whether you use InstagramFacebookTwitter, or Pinterest, there are lots of ways to share and gather ideas from social media.

We'd love for you to win a special Book Creator mug!

Share a lesson idea or activity focused on this season with the hashtag #BookCreatorChallenge and make sure to tag us so we can follow along and celebrate your creations!

We'll choose one lucky winner at random. Good luck!

Congratulations to September's winner, Grazia Paladino.

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