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It's good to feel that Spring is in the air, and we've been really excited about the buzz generated by the release of templates in Book Creator last month. We've put together some examples we've found of them in action for you. And we're proud to tell you about our latest award!
Remote Learning winnerBook Creator named Winner of the 2021 Best Remote Learning Tools

We are delighted to learn that Book Creator has been chosen as one of the best remote and blended learning tools of 2021 by Tech & Learning. This is great recognition for our efforts to support teachers during 2020 when lockdowns started to come into effect around the world.

Read more about our response to the challenge of remote learning

Last call for entries: Planet Classroom 🌎📝

Our Planet Classroom writing competition is still open, but you need to get your entries in by the end of this month. Submit your 1-page story and you could win a $100 Amazon voucher.

Full entry details at bookcreator.com/planetclassroom

Are you using templates in Book Creator?

In January we announced our big update with in-built templates coming to Book Creator. It's been fantastic to see your real-world examples of Book Creator templates being used in the classroom. We've started collating examples in the library above. If you've got a good example from your class, please let us know!

If you're still getting to grips with templates and would like some help, why not register for our free webinar on Tuesday, 16th March? Using Templates To Create Beautiful Books

Upcoming webinars

We have some other webinars this month too. Click on the links below to register and remember you can always view the recording at bookcreator.com/webinars.

March Lesson spotlight

Have you seen our FREE ebooks full of lesson ideas for teachers? In our March lesson spotlight, we’ve shared activity ideas that could be used for student creations outside of the classroom. Check out the Discover section of your Teacher Dashboard  for even more ideas!

Collect Student Creations

First Grade Integrated STEAM teacher and CCCUE board member, Mary Kelley shared how they used Book Creator to collect and share student creations. Students used Slides to create a poster of a president, and then Mary used Book Creator to collect their slides into a book!

Tips for trying this out with students:

  • First, ask students to create a poster using Google Slides, PPT, or Keynote.
  • Then, have students share their posters with you.
  • Next, add each student’s slide (as a JPG file) to a different page of a book.
  • Finally, post in a common space so students can see and celebrate their work.

              Publish Bio Poems

              Delaware Teacher and TEDx speaker Lisa Mims had students publish their poetry. Their class book features poems about all of the things that makes them special and it’s lots of fun to dive and see their writing. If you would like to have students share poems as a class, Book Creator is a great option.

              Tips for trying this out with students:

              • First, ask students to draft their poems.
              • Then, invite students to jump into a collaborative book and choose a page for their poem.
              • Next, students can add imagery that goes along with their poem.
              • Finally, share the class book with a larger audience.

                    Adding Captions

                    Sarah Metzger is an early childhood educator who shared an activity where students added captions to images. Adding captions to an image is a great way to have students summarize what they see and look at a picture closely. You might use pictures students have snapped or ones you have shared with them.

                    Tips for trying this out with students:

                    • First, ask students to snap a picture of something in the classroom.
                    • Then, have students use the Import button to add the picture to a page.
                    • Next, encourage students to write a caption that explains what they see.
                    • Finally, ask students to record their voice to add an audio caption, too.

                          Share Hopes and Wishes

                          On Twitter, Tech Coach & Humanities Teacher Joana Almeida Simas, shared how students created comic books on The History of Portugal between 1789 and 1834. Students used the comic book features within Book Creator to add dialogue and images to each panel of their comic book.

                          Tips for trying this out with students:

                          • First, have students choose a topic and conduct research.
                          • Then, ask students to choose the comic book option for their book.
                          • Next, encourage students to retell a part of history as scenes of a story.
                          • Finally, show students how to add additional comic book features.

                                Student showcase

                                Junior students (Grade 4-6) at FH Miller Jr PS in Toronto recently completed a creative writing unit during remote learning. They all used the same drawing prompt by Author and Illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi from the Creativity Project as a jumping off point. The story lines they wrote were unique to each student. Students were able to use Book Creator's real-time collaboration feature to receive online feedback as they progressed.

                                The students felt a real sense of pride and accomplishment. As an added bonus, students then had the opportunity to create Flipgrid videos to reflect on what they learned during the writing process and ask author Debbie Ridpath Ohi a question. Students received a personalized video message back, which reinforced many of the writing strategies they learned.

                                Find it here: Creative Writing - The Glowing Book by FH Miller Junior Students (@CampbellMira)

                                Book Creator Ambassador spotlight

                                Chelo Gutiérrez, Sevilla, Spain 🇪🇸

                                This month we're featuring Chelo Gutiérrez, an English teacher from Spain who caught our eye when she demonstrated fantastic use of our new Book Creator magazine template. Check out the embedded quizzes at the back of the book.

                                Chelo is class of 2020 Book Creator Ambassador and appears to be a very decorated educator - here are the badges displayed on her website chelogutierrez.com!

                                Ambassador badgesIn February Chelo has been teaching about Book Creator as part of the GEGAndalucía21 PD programme.

                                March Social Challenge

                                What’s your favorite social network? Whether you use InstagramFacebookTwitter, or Pinterest, there are lots of ways to share and gather ideas from social media.

                                We'd love for you to win a special Book Creator mug!

                                Share a lesson idea or activity for using Book Creator. Use the hashtag #BookCreatorChallenge and make sure to tag us so we can follow along and celebrate your creations!

                                We'll choose one lucky winner at random. Good luck!

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