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End of Year project ideas and more...
End of Year project ideas with Book Creator

It's that time of year when teachers and students have begun to hit their limits! Don't worry, we have some fun and engaging ideas to help see you through.

How about templates that you can add directly to your Book Creator library and assign to students? No extra work necessary!

Yes! Let me have those templates

Collaboration and competition

Two other things that might interest you at this time of year - collaborative projects and competitions. Competitions are an excellent way to engage students, and we're frequently asked if we have any guidelines for how to set up a Book Creator competition. You can check out these competition guidelines here.

And Catherine Cappiello has also put together some best practice for collaborative projects in Book Creator - a must read!

Planet Classroom competition - winning book revealed!

Planet Classroom finalists

Did you enter our Planet Classroom competition? We received 360 1-page stories as part of our collaboration with Planet Classroom, and from that we've made a shortlist of 10 books, with one winner.

I eagerly advise you to check out the finalists - there is some amazing and inspirational creativity on display here.

See the finalists

Case study

Teacher-Librarian Beth Campbell says incorporating student-centered learning is made easier through Book Creator - and here’s why.

Upcoming webinars

Are you interested in running your own Book Creator PD? Check out the "Train the Trainer" session this month - come and learn from Jon Smith himself (and also don't miss our new PD resources).

May Lesson spotlight

Have you seen our FREE ebooks full of lesson ideas for teachers? In this month's lesson spotlight, we’ve shared activity ideas that could be used for student creations outside of the classroom. Check out the Discover section of your Teacher Dashboard for even more ideas!

Create Book Adaptations

Vancouver educator Ms. Chan had students create book adaptations with Book Creator. Students combined the physical and digital world as they snapped pictures of their desks and used the images to tell stories within the pages of a Book Creator book!

Tips for trying this out with students:

  • First, ask students to create a scene or backdrop using craft supplies.
  • Then, have students take pictures of their spaces.
  • Next, add the pictures to a page of a Book Creator book.
  • Finally, add other multimedia features like voice and video to the page.

        Capture a Science Project

        K-12 Tech Coach Craig Badura worked with students whose baby chicks were growing. These students used Book Creator to report on the growth of their baby chicks by giving updates in a “Chick Book.” Book Creator is a great choice for capturing updates or journaling about a science project.

        Tips for trying this out with students:

        • First, ask students to summarize what has happened in a science project.
        • Then, have them create a new book with a cover that describes their project.
        • Next, students can add their summaries along with pictures to each page.
        • Finally, have students add a new page every time there is an update for their project.

              Poetry Every Month

              Although you might think of April as exclusively for poetry, writing poems can happen at any time of the year. Sonia Rankin is a third grade teacher in a virtual elementary program and shared how students wrote and published spring-themed poetry in the pages of a Book Creator book.

              Tips for trying this out with students:

              • First, ask students to brainstorm descriptive language about spring.
              • Then, introduce an acrostic poem structure to students.
              • Next, encourage students to write one spring word vertically on a page.
              • Finally, ask students to add multimedia to their acrostic poem pages.


                    Animal Research Projects

                    St. Gerard’s RC Primary and Nursery School shared a project their students are working on around researching animals. They created books on endangered species with a media literacy connection. These pages included text and images, too.

                    Tips for trying this out with students:

                    • First, have students choose an animal to research.
                    • Then, ask students to review their research to check its authority.
                    • Next, encourage students to share their facts alongside a picture.
                    • Finally, show students how to add their voice recordings to share lingering questions.

                          Student showcase

                          This entry to our Planet Classroom competition didn't make the final 10, but we still wanted to find a way to showcase it. Here's 13-year-old Olivia explaining the book:

                          "This is a poem that I wrote that really spoke to me. There was a time in my life when fear controlled literally everything about my life, I used to be afraid of water slides and other kids, and I even had panic attacks in elevators. But, then I had an awakening. I can proudly say today that I am not afraid. I got over each one of those fears and told them to leave me alone. I am in charge of my life now, not fear. When I read this to my class, I actually almost cried. I hope that you can still feel my emotions through this virtual book."

                          Find it here: I Am Not Afraid by Olivia Drinen, 7th grade, Senn-Thomas Middle School, Herculaneum, Missouri, USA

                          Book Creator Ambassador spotlight

                          Gail Lovely, Texas, USA 🇺🇸

                          Gail Lovely was an early adopter of Book Creator, and was providing professional development to teachers as far back as 2012!

                          Gail is a vastly experienced educator and co-founder of Suddenly It Clicks! In this capacity, we've worked with her numerous times at FETC and ISTE with her Early Learning Playgrounds.

                          Early Learning is a particular focus for Gail, and she contacted us recently to tell us about a book she created to provide preschool educators with resources about Reading Aloud with children.

                          Teachers received their own copy to edit, add to, make notes and learn with and from. It was very well received. You can access the book here, and if you want to follow Gail, you can find her at @glovely.

                          May Social Challenge

                          What’s your favorite social network? Whether you use InstagramFacebookTwitter, or Pinterest, there are lots of ways to share and gather ideas from social media.

                          We'd love for you to win a special Book Creator mug!

                          Share a lesson idea or activity for using Book Creator. Use the hashtag #BookCreatorChallenge and make sure to tag us so we can follow along and celebrate your creations!

                          We'll choose one lucky winner at random. Good luck!

                          Congratulations to Judith Wilson from Dublin, Ireland - our April winner!

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