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Book Creator launched in September 2011, which means amazingly we’re now celebrating our 10th anniversary!
Book Creator turns 10 years old!! 🥳

Read the blog post to see more reflections on the last 10 years, and enter our exciting giveaway where you could win a lifetime upgrade to the premium version of Book Creator and one of 10 exclusive Book Creator hoodies!

Read the blog post and enter the givewaway

From the blog:

👉 Why publishing for social good will help your students connect learning to the real world by Michael Hernandez

🧬 Bring your science books to life with Book Creator! by Paul Hopkins

➗ Enhance your math projects in 3 simple steps by Graciela Andrade

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Join our Teacher Success Managers Jon and Catherine this month for one of our special webinars. View past webinars at bookcreator.com/webinars.

September Lesson spotlight

Have you seen our FREE ebooks full of lesson ideas for teachers? In this month's lesson spotlight, we’ve shared activity ideas that could be used for student creations outside of the classroom. Check out the Discover section of your Teacher Dashboard for even more ideas!

Math Notebooks

On Twitter this summer, Nidhi Bajaj shared a peek at a library of student math notebooks created with Book Creator. Notebooks are a great type of student work product if you are building in routines for daily or weekly sharing and goal setting in any subject area.

Tips for trying this out with students:

  • First, decide on a structure for class math notebooks.
  • Then, have students create a cover and outline for their first entry.
  • Next, have students take a screenshot or embed a link from other tools.
  • Finally, set a daily or weekly schedule to give students time to update their notebooks.

        Olympic Books

        Although the Olympics have come to an end for the summertime, you might find that Jamie Turnage’s student books on the Olympics inspire a fall research project. Students can research a sport, country or athlete and create multimedia books that share what they have learned.

        Tips for trying this out with students:

        • First, ask students to choose a research topic like synchronized swimming, Morocco or Simone Biles.
        • Then, have them make a list of important facts to include in their book.
        • Next, encourage students to include a variety of media including links and videos.
        • Finally, have students share their research spotlight with a classmate.

              Early Learner Projects

              Digital Trainer Donna Golightly shared tips for supporting early learners on Chromebooks who try out Book Creator for the first time. Donna shared tips like using voice recording and having a partner work side-by-side as students explore a tool like Book Creator on Chromebooks.

              Tips for trying this out with students:

              • First, ask students to share a device with a partner for their first book.
              • Then, have one student log in with the support of their classmate.
              • Next, encourage students to try out the different features by taking turns adding voice notes or emojis to their page.
              • Finally, ask students to share ideas with one another as they build out their first book.


                    Retell Well-Known Stories

                    Askia Jackson is a media specialist who created a library orientation book to kick off the school year. You might create a book to share with new students or even ask returning students to help create an orientation guide to share with incoming groups.

                    Check out Kristina Holzweiss's original here!

                    Tips for trying this out with students:

                    • First, have students brainstorm all of the important things to know about the library.
                    • Then, ask students to each choose one tip and create a page for a collaborative book.
                    • Next, students can add photographs from the space or draw pictures on their page.
                    • Finally, combine student books and share the final creation with incoming classes.

                          Student showcase

                          A collaborative book between preschool and high school students working together on a story about climate change. The high school students are from the Mother Tongue Club, so they're all EAL students. This book includes audio hotspots with the story translated into multiple languages.
                          Find it here: Who Turned the World Grey? by HS Mother Tongue Club and PreK C (Teacher: Ryan Strutin).

                          Book Creator Ambassador spotlight

                          Book Creator Facebook groups

                          As you may know, over the summer we received new applications for our class of 2021 Book Creator Ambassadors. We're always on the lookout for the best and brightest educators who are dedicated to sharing their love for Book Creator.

                          Recently, we've seen educators team up to launch new language/region specific Facebook groups dedicated to Book Creator. That's what Hyeonju Kim from Busan, South Korea did as part of her application this year.

                          Please make sure to join one of our Facebook groups if you haven't done so already!

                          Official Book Creator Facebook groups:

                          Book Creator Teachers (global)
                          11.4k members

                          Book Creator Malaysia - 317 members

                          Bookcreator Docenti italiani - 2.3k members

                          Book Creator en français - 620 members

                          Book Creator Romania - 70 members

                          Book Creator en Español - 248 members

                          September Social Challenge

                          What’s your favorite social network? Whether you use InstagramFacebookTwitter, or Pinterest, there are lots of ways to share and gather ideas from social media.

                          No Book Creator mug on offer this month, as we're already running the amazing 10 year anniversary giveaway. Enter this one instead via Twitter or Facebook!

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                            Regarding the ambassador application! When I applied for mine, I did not get any notification or a confirmation email or anything afterward, so I am not sure if the application went through or did it just get lost in the webs!

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