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We are focusing on Special Education this month. See our new resources here.
Why Book Creator is the best creation tool for my differently abled students

Khalilah Summers

Every student should be able to share their learning in a way that works best for them. In this blog post, hear how Book Creator Ambassador Khalilah Summers helped her students to finally find their voice.

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Free Special Education webinar

Special webinar:
Empower Every Learner to Have a Voice with Book Creator

Students bring different gifts and challenges to the classroom. Looking through a UDL lens helps us to identify and reduce barriers to learning.

In this webinar, we will showcase Book Creator’s various accessibility features which help to promote inclusion and support learner variability. You will also hear real classroom stories from Special Education Teachers, Wendy Torres and Khalilah Summers (along with our own Jon Smith) as they explore the reasons why Book Creator makes a great choice for diverse learning environments.

If you’re looking for creative ideas to help all your students find their voice and PMC, then look no further!

Tuesday 9th November, 3.30pm EST

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Other upcoming events

Social Studies and Book Creator: Project Ideas
Webinar with Monica Burns - Tuesday, 16th November.

Alabama Literacy Association (Fall Conference) - 4-5 November. Another chance to see Monica Burns presenting on Book Creator (virtually).

Illinois Education & Technology Conference: IETC - 17-19 November. If you're there, you could connect with our Teacher Success Manager, Catherine Cappiello.

NYSCATE - 20-23 November. Monica Burns will be presenting on Book Creator - "Strategies to Support Student Creators with Digital Products of Learning" at this New York event.

November Lesson spotlight

Have you seen our FREE ebooks full of lesson ideas for teachers? In this month's lesson spotlight, we’ve shared activity ideas that could be used for student creations outside of the classroom. Check out the Discover section of your Teacher Dashboard for even more ideas!

Hands On Learning

On Twitter this fall, Library Media Specialist Cindy Hundley shared an activity where students told a story with hands on items like LEGOs. You can have students snap pictures from right within Book Creator to tell stories, reenact moments in history or even show off a real-world math problem.

Tips for trying this out with students:

  • First, decide on something students can act out with LEGOs.
  • Then, have students snap a picture to add to each page of their book.
  • Next, ask students to add a voice recording or text to describe what is happening on the page.
  • Finally, give students an opportunity to share with their classmates.

        Math Shapes Books

        Virginia educator Michelle Pressley shared on Twitter how students created books featuring math shapes. Students added shapes to the page using the Shapes option in Book Creator and labeled each one using the text feature. Students can also search the icon library for even more shapes.

        Tips for trying this out with students:

        • First, ask students to add a shape to each page of their book.
        • Then, have them use the text tool to type (or use voice-to-text) the name of each shape.
        • Next, encourage students to change the colors of the shapes and fonts of their text.
        • Finally, students can add images of their shapes in the real world like a slice of pizza next to a triangle.

              Animal Projects

              Dual Language Teacher Ellie Arnold shared how first graders used voice-to-text to share what they learned about different animals. The voice-to-text option built into Book Creator is a great option for students who are learning a new language or want to type out text in a language they speak fluently but do not write in often.

              Tips for trying this out with students:

              • First, ask students to research an animal and gather facts.
              • Then, have students decide what information will go on each page of their book.
              • Next, show students how to use the voice-to-text option by tapping the microphone in the text mode.
              • Finally, ask students to read each page and edit the text as needed.

                    Retell Well-Known Stories

                    Alaska educator Allison Curry shared on Twitter how middle school students used Book Creator templates to share their learning. You can use the Magazine template to help students talk about what they learned about different countries and present it to their classmates.

                    Tips for trying this out with students:

                    • First, show off the template options for students or choose one template for them to use.
                    • Then, ask students to organize their research so it fits within the template.
                    • Next, students can add additional elements like text boxes or images to customize the page.
                    • Finally, give students time to share their creations with their classmates.

                          Student showcase

                          Michele Fisk is the K-5 Technology Integration Support at Half Hollow Hills CSD, New York. She works with over 3,000 students.

                          She had students create artwork using the Noun Project icons in Book Creator. She then combined the artwork from 5 elementary school buildings into one book! This activity, for some, is an introduction to Book Creator. For others, it shows staff that Book Creator can be used in many different ways.

                          Find it here: The Noun Project 21-22 by HHH K-5 Students

                          Book Creator Ambassador spotlight

                          Wesley Renton, South Africa 🇿🇦

                          A big congratulations to Wesley Renton, who recently came second overall in the Excellence in Education Awards 2021 (iTeacher category).

                          Wesley started using Book Creator in 2019. He moved into an ICT teaching role within his school and was soon using Book Creator to create resources for students during lockdown in South Africa.

                          He then worked towards becoming an Book Creator Ambassador and hasn't looked back since. The vast majority of his lessons are now made using Book Creator and many students have now taken to it as well as a creation tool.

                          When it came to submitting his entry to the awards, he turned to Book Creator so he could combine everything in one place. Check out his book.

                          You can connect with Wesley via Facebook.

                          November Social Challenge

                          What’s your favorite social network? Whether you use InstagramFacebookTwitter, or Pinterest, there are lots of ways to share and gather ideas from social media.

                          We'd love for you to win a special Book Creator mug!

                          Share a lesson idea or activity for using Book Creator. Use the hashtag #BookCreatorChallenge and make sure to tag us so we can follow along and celebrate your creations!

                          We'll choose one lucky winner at random. Good luck!

                          Congratulations to the Digital Learning team at All Saints Secondary, Glasgow  - our October winners!

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