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For many teachers, the summer will soon kick into gear, if the kicking hasn't already happened. It's both a time to get away from school, but also a time to think about little things you might try when kiddos come through your classroom door at the end of the summer.

Imagine that in the coming days between naps and extra time with four-legged friends, you spend a few minutes exploring something, and in doing so, the idea, technique, or tool that you encounter makes you just a little better as a teacher. Then imagine that you do this every few days. Within a couple of weeks, you'd necessarily be a better teacher, wouldn't you?

To that end, and as a long-time fan of Book Creator, I offer you a completely free mini-course that can do just that for the month of June. The lessons are only a few minutes; the accompanying video for each could be watched while doing your dental hygiene.

I built the mini-course because many teachers think of their own skills in a rather fixed way. Knowing that little things can make you better, though, can accelerate all kinds of fun improvement, so feel free to give it a try.

Full disclosure: the lessons promote a book I wrote called Making Your Teaching Something Special, but you don't need to buy the book to get plenty out of the course.

As a Book Creator person, you already value telling stories in compelling ways. I hope this mini-course will become a cool and compelling component of the story of your summer!

Little Things Make You Better - free through the end of June.

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