What is Be An Author Month?

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Be An Author March 2023

Be An Author Month happens in March every year, and it’s a celebration of writing! Turn your students into authors and see them develop literacy skills that will serve them in any subject.

We are all authors. But maybe you have students who don't think they can write. Maybe your district has a problem with literacy scores, and is looking for a solution.

This month is all about addressing that. Let's make writing the focus this month, across the curriculum. Turn students into authors and see how by creating and sharing digital books, magic can happen:

  • Engagement in class sky-rockets 🚀
  • Reading and writing levels soar 📕
  • The whole school benefits 🌈

But writing is just for English lessons, right?


You may already think that writing is all about English Language Arts, and if you’re, say, a math teacher you may have switched off already. It’s true, Book Creator does support the 5 core facets of literacy - reading, writing, speaking, listening and vocabulary, but that doesn’t mean writing a book is only something you do in ELA!

A book is a fantastic way to demonstrate understanding in any subject area. It's also a familiar concept that kids of all ages will understand and be enthusiastic about.

If you’re still not convinced, check out some of the ideas in the books below, or check out our resources hub spanning the curriculum.

15 Science Projects for Book Creator classrooms
Book Creator for the High School Classroom
15 Social Studies Projects
13 Math Projects for Book Creator

Be An Author Month

Be An Author Month launched in 2022 and we aim to establish it as an annual event that gets bigger each year. There is so much going on in March that it makes sense to theme it around literacy, and writing in particular. There is Read Across America Day, World Storytelling Day, and World Poetry Day to name just a few special occasions in March.

We're here to help you make the most of these opportunities with lesson ideas, resources, templates and more that you can give to your teachers. We'll be sharing examples from multiple schools to inspire you - like the district that got 56,000 students to write 408,000 books since they started using Book Creator!

Watch the kickoff webinar

On Thursday 23rd we had a kickoff webinar to introduce some of the key concepts, ideas and resources that we've put together to build Be An Author Month. Watch the webinar below.

Other things to look out for:


Get Book Creator for your school!

  • Upgraded accounts for all your teachers
  • Implementation plan to help with rollout
  • PD support
  • Analytics & admin dashboard
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  1. I used Book Creator in different languages in classroom. What I like in this app is recording, making a videos, taking your own pictures, writing, drawing and decorating your books the way you like.

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