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Book Creator is a 5-star rated, multi award-winning app. With a simple, intuitive interface, you and your students can author digital books in any subject area, across all of K-12.

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What are teachers saying?

Tony Vincent
Book Creator sits atop my list of the best educational apps. I’ve used Book Creator with learners of all ages, from kindergarten to adults. Its simplicity is refreshing.

Tony Vincent

Learning in Hand

Vicki Davis
Book Creator is one of the most powerful tools I’ve seen to help turn reading and writing into a fun, collaborative project, that even kids who struggle will just love doing.

Vicki Davis


Claire Brown
Book Creator is a favorite, open-ended creation tool that gives teachers and students a space to share the story of their learning, and "show what they know" with endless possibilities!

Dr. Monica Burns

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Jon Smith
Thursday 16th January
1.30pm - 1.50pm
Learning Lab (Expo Floor, Booth 1221)

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Monday 13th January
9.30am - 4.30pm
Miami Children's Museum


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Melissa Adkins
Tuesday 14th January
4pm - 6pm
Room: 205

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Reaching All Learners: The Three Best Tools for Inclusion
Karen Janowski
Thursday 16th January
1.30pm - 3.30pm
Room: 212-213

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