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Book Creator is a 5-star rated, multi award-winning app. With a simple, intuitive interface, you and your students can author digital books in any subject area, across all of K-12.

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Getting the library code for your library
Build a library
Login as a teacher and invite your students with a code
Editing text in Book Creator

Add text, audio, video and images to your book

Editing text in Book Creator


Have students collaborate in real-time or combine their books together

Turning the pages of a penguin book


Use the in-app reader and turn the pages of the book

A published book on the bookshelf


Publish online, download or print your book and share with the world

What are teachers saying?

Julie Smith
I am so excited to start using this tool with teachers and students. The possibilities are endless. GREAT NEWS! Every teacher can have one free library that will host up to 40 books.

Julie Smith

The Techie Teacher

Saline, MI

Karen Bosch
Book Creator is an amazing app. The interface is both intuitive and flexible and allows for deep creativity. Book Creator has helped our students become true authors with books that are published on iTunes!

Karen Bosch

PreK - 8 Technology Instructor

Southfield, MI

Marnie Diem
I work with a dual language curriculum, and it can be challenging to find resources that support both curriculums. Book Creator is one of those gems! Tools like this are gifts to teachers—powerful, and all encompassing.

Marnie Diem

Coordinator of Technological Adventures

Detroit, MI