About Red Jumper

Established in 2011 by Dan Amos, Red Jumper’s mission is to empower the next generation of content creators and improve their educational outcomes.

In 2015, Book Creator was honoured as a BETT Award winner for Best Educational App. By providing a tool that makes ebook creation super simple, Book Creator seeks to open digital publishing to all.

We’re based in St. Nicholas House in Bristol, UK – so if you’re in town, let us know and drop by and say hello!

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Book Creator Team

Dan Amos

Founder of Red Jumper &
Developer of Book Creator

About Dan A

Dan worked as a software developer for Nokia before leaving to start his own company in March 2011.
He is married to the children's author Ally Kennen, and they have 4 great kids.


Jon Smith

Teacher Success

About Jon

Jon is here to help teachers and students get the most out of Book Creator, drawing on 19 years as a special education teacher and technology integration specialist. He is a husband, father of 3, loves golf and is a certified auto detailer.


Dan Porter

Senior Web App

About Dan P

Dan Porter has been with Red Jumper since September 2016.

He lives and breathes Javascript and CSS and has come on board to build the Book Creator web app and web reader.


Dan Kemp

Digital Media &
Community Manager

About Dan K

Dan Kemp joined in May 2013. He looks after the website, social media, support, Ambassadors, and things like that.

Dan is currently travelling the world with his wife and daughter.


Rich Hodgkins

Senior iOS Developer

About Rich

Rich joined Red Jumper in September 2016.

He loves tinkering around with any kind of new tech, and is going to be maintaining and adding new features to Book Creator iPad.


Phil Abbott-Garner

Test Engineer

About Phil

Philip Abbott-Garner joined Red Jumper in November 2016 as a Test Engineer. He's responsible for ensuring the functionality and quality of Book Creator. In 2018 Phil completed a PhD in eHealth.


David Swift

Head of Sales

About David

David joined Book Creator as head of sales in June 2018. He loves nothing more than supporting educators in using technology that creates new possibilities for students and positively changes the way they learn.


Kim White

Visual Designer

About Kim

Kim joined in January 2017 as a Visual Designer. Her role is to unify the visual style of the Book Creator brand across all platforms, and nothing satisfies her more than consistency of design and user experience.