iPad Monthly

iPad Monthly is a professional development newsletter for teachers using iPads in the classroom.

This resource is the brain-child of Apple Distinguished Educator and Book Creator Ambassador Paul Hamilton.

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Book Creator videos from iPad Monthly

  • Create a heart rate journal
    26 June, 2017
    Monitoring your heart rate over time with the Heart Rate Pro app and journaling it in Book Creator.
  • Website analysis with Book Creator
    28 May, 2017
    Looking at web interfaces, analysing hotspots and highlighting them with the pen tool.
  • Going beyond the text with ChatterPix and Book Creator
    19 April, 2017
    Tutorial of using apps to go beyond the text with ChatterPix and Book Creator.
  • Daily Monster and Book Creator for pastoral care
    11 April, 2017
    A lesson idea from Paul Hamilton - enabling students to express their feelings.
  • Using Book Creator 'Read to me' in education
    19 November, 2016
    iPad Monthly takes a look at the new read to me function in the Book Creator App and creates a tourism Visitor Guide.
  • Idea for using Book Creator and an Ozobot
    17 November, 2016
    Paul Hamilton shows a cool trick using the pen tool in Book Creator, a map and an Ozobot.
  • Fluency reading journal in Book Creator
    26 June, 2016
    Moving away from using the iPad for the iPad's sake, here's an example taken from everyday classroom practice.
  • Create 'spelling words' activities with Book Creator
    24 April, 2016
    Idea to help students articulate and pronounce their words, and collaborate with others in the class.
  • Teach students about algorithms using Book Creator
    23 March, 2016
    This idea looks out how we can teach students the concept of breaking down a solution into smaller parts.
  • Consonant blend art with Book Creator
    23 January, 2016
    Idea to help students build knowledge of consonant blends and consolidate what they've learnt in class.
  • Kid scientist images to use in Book Creator
    28 December, 2015
    Free PNG comic images available from iPad Monthly. Download from www.ipadmonthly.com/kids.
  • Thinking routines - headlines
    22 December, 2015
    Idea to get students to analyse and summarise a text by creating a headline.
  • Create a graphic novel in Book Creator
    25 November, 2015
    Advanced searching for images on Google, editing in the CartoonSketch app and creating a comic in Book Creator.
  • 2D math investigation with Book Creator
    9 April, 2015
    Using the shapes feature in Book Creator to investigate 2D shapes in our world. Go on a photo walk and then consolidate knowledge on 2D shapes.
  • Create an interactive ebook with video
    25 February, 2015
    How to create an interactive ebook with embedded video and hyperlinks for collaborative learning. Using Book Creator, ToonCamera and Google Docs.
  • Maths number stories activity using iPad
    20 February, 2015
    Using the apps Book Creator and Draw and Tell, this tutorial looks at students creating a number story journal. Highly visual, incorporating elements of addition and digital storytelling.
  • Making thinking visible with literacy
    28 August, 2014
    Based on Mark Church's Visible Learning (Thinking) Tasks. Using Book Creator App to allow students to record thinking.
  • Using Book Creator and iMotionHD for science investigations
    19 November, 2013
    Using iPads to create science reports. Paul Hamilton looks at using iMotionHD and Book Creator to put together a science investigation with a time lapse video.
  • 5 effective reading response activities on the iPad
    8 November, 2013
    5 literacy tasks that allow students to develop reading comprehension on the iPad, using the Book Creator and iBooks apps.