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Frequently Asked Questions

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Book Creator works on Windows devices running Windows 8.1 or higher. This includes desktop PCs, laptops and tablets (e.g. Windows Surface) – but not Windows Phones.
Yes, you can share books between Book Creator for Windows and Book Creator for iPad.

Please note that the iPad has more features than the Windows version, so not everything will be editable if you send books from iPad to Windows.

The iPad version has been around a lot longer and is more fully-featured.

Some of the main differences include:

  • No PDF or video export on Windows
  • No comic styles and templates onWindows
  • No combining books onWindows

On the other hand, theWindows version has a built-in reader for your books which the iPad version doesn’t have.

Yes, you can do that easily within the app. You can also save to other cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
The app has an in-built reader to preview your books. You can also view your books in the iBooks app on a Mac, iPad or iPhone. On a PC you can also try Adobe Digital Editions to view your book.
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