Pricing – Book Creator for Chrome

Every plan contains all the great creation features of Book Creator including comics, audio, video, drawing and online publishing.

Perfect for a teacher
working with one class
  • Create 1 library
  • Store up to 40 books
Affordable for teachers creating
multiple books with their students
  • Create 3 libraries
  • Store up to 60 books in each
  • Realtime collaboration
$60 per teacher per year
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Best value for creative teachers
working with many students
  • Create 10 libraries
  • Store up to 100 books in each
  • Realtime collaboration
$120 per teacher per year
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Pricing is based on how many active books and libraries you need. Libraries are created by a teacher, and students are then invited to create books within them. When a library is no longer needed it can be archived to allow more to be created.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no cost per student, and there’s no limit on the number of students that can join a teacher’s library. Book Creator is priced per teacher and we hope this makes administration simple with no need to adjust licenses as your student rosters change in a school year.
Libraries can be archived at the end of a project or school year allowing more to be created within your quota. Books in archived libraries can be restored or downloaded by the teacher.
No, the iPad and the Chrome app are priced separately.
No. There’s no limits on the number of pages in a book, or the duration of audio and video.
Yes we do. Please generate a quote above and it will contain details of how to submit a Purchase Order.

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