Supporting Special Education with Book Creator

Students bring different gifts and challenges to the classroom. Book Creator is designed with equity and accessibility in mind, helping you identify and reduce barriers to learning.

Book Creator’s multimodal tools and supports make lessons accessible while building in student voice and choice. With hundreds of accessibility features built into the app, Book Creator is designed to support the three principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Supporting Special Education through differentiation

Book Creator is designed to bring creativity to everyone, regardless of learning needs
Watch the video above to hear what Special Education teachers have to say.
of Special Education teachers say using Book Creator increases their students' engagement in lessons
of Special Education teachers say using Book Creator has had a positive impact on their students' progress
of Special Education teachers say Book Creator has enabled them to create a more equitable and inclusive learning environment for all students
Rosey McQuillan
Universal Design for Learning is all about removing barriers during the designing of learning experiences to make sure everyone learns. As educators, we understand that students enter our classrooms each day with a wide range of skills, interests, needs and learning styles. The use of technology can make content and learning resources accessible and support learner variability.

Book Creator provides learners with relevant content, customized options for representing that content and alternative choices for support. Book Creator and the UDL framework address the range of systematic variability presented in every classroom from the onset.

Rosey McQuillan, Assistive and Educational Technology Consultant
Using Book Creator for Differentiated Learning

Books without boundaries

Read these inspiring case studies from around the world

Books without boundaries

Read these inspiring case studies from around the world

Why Book Creator is the best creation tool for my differently abled students

Every student should be able to share their learning in a way that works best for them. Hear how Khalilah Summers helped her students to finally find their voice.

Khalilah Summers, Special Education high school teacher

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Documenting my first year at secondary school

Cian, who has Down's syndrome, worked with his teacher to document his year at school. He progressed from being non-verbal to talking daily as his confidence to communicate increased.

Jennifer Stack and Cian Heaslip
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Increasing student engagement with Book Creator in Special Education

Rising up to the challenge of teaching students who have difficulty communicating their ideas, how can creating ebooks help?

Caitriona Tynon, iPad and Proloquo2go coach

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Teaching procedures and routines to your class with Book Creator

This special education teacher shares some useful tips and examples of how she and her class use Book Creator.

Karla Banks, Special Education Teacher

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The Higher Ed teacher’s way to make accessible and engaging presentations

When you share content, it is critical that everyone in your audience can engage with your content fully. With Book Creator, you can create a fully accessible presentation that can be enjoyed by all.

Wendy Torres, Senior Instructional Technologist Coppin State University

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Creating sign language books in Book Creator

This is an amazing example of how students used the video recording feature in Book Creator to record American Sign Language books for younger students.

Lisa Johnson, CEO and founder of TechChef4u

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I Am More Powerful Than You Think
Book Creator is being used to change perceptions of disability through digital storytelling.

Luis Perez, Inclusive Learning Consultant

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Book Creator helps transform the therapy experience of families affected by disability
This is a story from a charity in Australia that is using Book Creator with families in a way we never envisaged.

Dr. Annick Janson, Plumtree

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Special education resources for teachers

We have a dedicated resources section with case studies, lesson ideas and more to help teachers differentiate learning with Book Creator.
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98% of teachers say Book Creator made a positive impact on their teaching.

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