Google for Education Partner

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We're really pleased to announce that Book Creator is now an official Google for Education partner.

Google for Education Partner

We've been working with Google since 2014 but our relationship has deepened since the release of our Chrome app in 2017. As Book Creator for Chrome continues to grow in popularity, we are exploring new ways to improve the app and Google integration is always high on the agenda.

Did you know about all the ways in which Book Creator works with Google?

Google sign-in

One of the ways to sign into Book Creator as a teacher or student is to use your Google ID (perfect for schools that have G Suite for Education already set up).

Share to Google Classroom

We recently added Google Classroom integration to allow published books to quickly and easily be shared to Classroom.

How to share a published book to Google Classroom

Access Google Drive

Drive integration is built in to the app, so when you want to access files or images saved in your Google Drive account, simply connect to Drive and add them straight into your book.

Google safe image search

We built a Google image search into the app to help students find photos and artwork really simply. What's more, we've made sure the search only returns child-friendly images that are ready to use with no copyright issues.

Safe Google image search for dinosaurs

Google Maps integration

With our recent update, you can now place Google Maps directly onto the page in Book Creator.

How to add Google Maps to Book Creator

Embed Google Docs and more into Book Creator

This recent update also allows you to add Google Docs directly onto the page in Book Creator. This works for Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms, and will also work for other Google apps that give an embed code (such as YouTube, Street View or Google Poly).

Check out these examples below!

We're really excited about this partnership with Google, and what it could mean for amplifying the reach of Book Creator, particularly into schools using Chromebooks.

This means we'll continue to develop Book Creator to prioritise support for new Chromebooks (including the new Chrome tablet, which we'll soon have stylus support added for in Book Creator).

Are there any other ways in which you'd like to see Book Creator integrated with Google products? Let us know in the comments.

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27 Comments on “Google for Education Partner”

  1. I would love to have students collaborate within the same book.
    Thank you for making a great product and for continuing to improve it!

  2. Hi, I would love to see more options for students to publish their books. Maybe this means having an extension in chrome to view ebooks. Do you know if that is an integration piece that is being developed?

  3. Our students have limited internet when they go home. If they download a teacher created book, would the multimedia features also download too?

    1. Hi Nicki, yes they would, but you’d need to have an ePub reader to view the book. If you’re using a Mac or iPhone/iPad, you can use iBooks for this if you know you’ll be offline.

  4. Do you have to have a paid Book Creator account in order to be able to set this up using our existing G Suite management system?

      1. Nothing yet. I saw your announcement, love BC, and wondered how it worked on our admin side since we are a gSuite district. The Tech Director wanted to know if we can integrate it if we are using the free version, and I couldn’t answer that question from what I saw.

  5. Hello! I LOVE to write books even though I’m only about to turn 10. My mother ALWAYS loves to read my cool notebook-written stories.

  6. I love all things that can integrate with Google Classroom however I do not see the Google Classroom link in the share option of a published book. Can you assist?

  7. Hi! Is it possible to upload my google drawings into Book Creator? Currently, if I try to copy something from my google drawing doc and attempt to paste it in my book, it won’t let me. Am I doing something wrong?!

    Thanks, Tabatha

  8. Estoy aprendiendo a usar Book Creator, me tiene fascinada, muero de ganas de compartirla con mis alumnos. Gracias por el apoyo.

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