Real-time collaboration comes to Book Creator

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We are so excited to announce our latest update to Book Creator - this might just be the update you've been waiting for.

Teachers and students can now work on books together at the same time with real-time collaboration!

Just turn on collaboration for a book and anyone in the library can then work on the book. This major update is something we've been working on for a while, and we're really pleased to finally announce it.

Here's what you need to know.

New Collaborate button in the share menu

This is a paid feature

Real-time collaboration will be available to anyone who has subscribed to a paid plan in Book Creator online. So if you've already signed up to a teacher or school plan, you'll find the update available the next time you login to the app. Just follow the guidance in our support article.

How to collaborate

There's a free trial to get started

If you're on the free plan (1 library, 40 books), but you'd like to try out collaboration, you can activate your free 14-day trial from within the app. No commitment, no payment details required.

It's not available on iPad...

...unless you use the Safari or Chrome browser to sign into Book Creator online. You won't find this feature in the Book Creator for iPad app.

Ready to collaborate?

Collaborating in the classroom

So, how will you use this new feature with your students? In reality, a class book can take any form—it could be a 'getting to know' you book for the start of the year; or a research journal where you work on a page each to show your learning. Or maybe even team up with another school from across the world and share knowledge about your different cultures?

A group of teachers tested this feature out during #BookCreator Twitter chat recently, working together on a book to answer questions about using technology to improve literacy.

We have lots of examples of where collaboration can work well (note, these were mostly made using the method where students work separately and then combine the books into one—this method will still work if you prefer it).

Do you have any ideas for how you'll use this feature with your students? Share them in the comments below!

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11 Comments on “Real-time collaboration comes to Book Creator”

  1. I don’t believe this feature is available yet on iPad… When do you expect the update to come to iPads? This article is from 2018 and it only said to expect it next year. Our younger students would love this feature, we constantly work separately and then combine books, but real time collaboration would be amazing!

    1. Hi Allen – we have decided to keep Book Creator for iPad as an offline app. To get the real-time collaboration experience on iPads, you can now use Book Creator online in Safari.

        1. No change right now Mike, sorry. What’s the situation in your school? Are you unable to access Safari on your iPads?

    1. Hi Penny – I doubt it, but we are lining up templates that can help you create standardised books for your students.

  2. La condivisione è per 14 giorni e non per 90, lo era nel periodo del lockdown.
    Vorrei sapere inoltre se il programma verrà acquistato dalla scuola, quante insegnanti potranno utilizzarlo? C’è un limite o sarà di libero accesso?

  3. I love the new real-time collaboration features in the Book Creator app! It makes working on projects with others so much easier.

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