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Tech & Learning Best of Show Award at ISTELive 24

Another award from Tech & Learning to follow up the ones we won during the pandemic. ISTE was a great show for us, and this was the icing on the cake!
June 2024

AASL 2024 Best Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning badge
AASL 2024 Best Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning

We previously won this award in 2018, and have won it again 6 years later. "Book Creator offers school librarians an inclusive and engaging tool to use with learners or in collaboration with classroom teachers."May 2024


Featured by Twinkl

Twinkl UK created these Book Creator guides to support their Back to School program and beyond - this blog post talks through how to get the most out of Book Creator.September 2023

Featured by eSchool News

In her guest post, Jennifer Hall included Book Creator in her list of 5 edtech tools to save time this year.September 2023

Featured by Ask A Tech Teacher is a well established resource for teachers who engage in technology. Our CEO Lainey Franks wrote a post for them about bringing joy to education.August 2023

Review by Alice Keeler

It's such an honour to have Alice Keeler write about Book Creator. She wrote a post entitled '5 Reasons Every Teacher Should Use Book Creator' that talked about inclusive learning, 21st Century skills, and creative freedom. She even made her own book in Book Creator! And as a math teacher, she had her say on how Book Creator can be used to teach math too.July 2023

Featured by ClassTechTips

Monica Burns interviewed our CEO, Lainey Franks, for her Easy EdTech Podcast. They spoke about the role of edtech in supporting an inclusive classroom.August 2023

Review by Amy M. Burns

Following her poster session at ISTE in June, Elementary music teacher Amy Burns blogged about her experience there presenting Book Creator as a cross-curricular tool.July 2023

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Recognised by Common Sense Education

Book Creator received the Common Sense Selection for Learning for the third year running. It's worth noting that we are also one of the few edtech apps that have passed their rigorous Privacy evaluation. June 2023

Featured by Beth Stark Consulting

Inclusive Learning Specialist Beth Stark included Book Creator in her post on Universal Design for Learning. "Book Creator elevates multiple means of representation, action, and expression to the greatest heights, and gives learners of all ages an opportunity to have their work published online."May 2023

Featured by Issaquah School District 411

Aly Rumberger wrote an excellent article about for her school district tech blog: Leveraging Book Creator: Universal Design for Learning.March 2023

Featured by Defined

Book Creator was no.1 on the list of tools in this post by Rachelle Dené Poth for
8 Ways to Promote Creativity and Collaboration. March 2023

eSchool News Finalist 2022
Review by Veracity

Veracity Verification Solutions, a third-party evaluator of EdTech software solutions, performed a full, indpendent review of Book Creator in 2023. In this press release, they announced that Book Creator topped their marketplace charts for accessibility and data security.February 2023

Featured by Ditch That Textbook

If you're familiar with Matt Miller's website, you'll know that it's a haven for superb educational resources. Matt wrote a post covering 15 ways to use Book Creator to publish student writing to support our Be An Author month.February 2023

Review by Eric Curts

Popular edtech consultant Eric Curts reviewed Book Creator for his blog, Control Alt Achieve, highlighting the benefits of the pen tool.February 2023

Featured by Engelwood Schools

Paul Whitaker wrote a review of how teachers at Englewood Schools, Colorado, increased engagement and accessibility using Book Creator and EL Education.February 2023

Press release: GlobeNewswire

Our press release announcing the appointment of our new CEO was picked up by this media outlet.January 2023

Featured by Getting Smart

Writing for this popular teaching and learning website, Rachelle Dené Poth included Book Creator in a list of 12 ideas to try for 2023 that help connect students with real-world learning opportunities.January 2023

Featured by Shake Up Learning

Texas-based edtech superstar Kasey Bell wrote her own take on using Book Creator — for Choice Boards. January 2023


Review by Tech & Learning

Erik Ofgang at Tech & Learning wrote a review of Book Creator ('What is Book Creator? Tips and Tricks').November 2022

eSchool News Finalist 2022
eSchool News K-12 Hero Award Finalist

We submitted a nomination on behalf of Mira Campbell, a teacher from Toronto, Canada, for her amazing work during the pandemic. If you haven't read her story - you must!October 2022

Review by School Library Journal

Texas Teacher Maggie Knapp wrote a review for SLJ to advise Teacher Librarians who are interested in using Book Creator.August 2022

Educational App Store logo
Review by Educational App Store

The Educational App Store awarded Book Creator a 5-star review. March 2022

Featured by Sketchfab

Sketchfab announced the inclusion of their app in the new Book Creator App Store. This integrated app allows you to add 3d models from the Sketchfab library straight into Book Creator.March 2022

Featured by Canva

Canva announced their partnership with Book Creator on their website, which allows you to use Canva right inside Book Creator - ideal for designing the perfect cover for your book!January 2022


GESS Education Awards 2021 Finalist

Book Creator made the shortlist for the 9th annual GESS Awards, a prestigious European education award. We were nominated in the 'Best Paid for App / Software Solution' category. November 2021

Featured by Jeffco Public Schools

An article from a district that is using Book Creator, focusing on one of their teachers who has become the top using Book Creator teacher in the district (despite being self-described as "non-techy"!). We love this quote: "My reluctant writer produced more with Book Creator than they ever did on paper." September 2021

Featured by Getting Smart

Getting Smart is a magazine blog that focuses on innovation in learning. Rachelle Dené Poth penned an article about building community and Social-Emotional Learning that featured Book Creator. August 2021

Featured by @TheMerrillsEdu

Educators Joe & Kristin Merrill featured a Book Creator update on their blog, focusing on the new Remixing feature and other recent updates.July 2021

Featured by The Prospector

The Prospector is the student magazine for the University of Texas & El Paso. They featured Book Creator Ambassador Sandy Marie Romo as she talked about how she used Book Creator to integrate technology into her virtual classroom during the pandemic. June 2021

Common Sense Education logo
Review by Common Sense Education

Book Creator gets 5 stars from the Common Sense team and from the average rating of teachers who've reviewed us. They awarded us the Common Sense Selection for Learning 2021.May 2021

Google Cloud logo
Case study by Google Cloud

How Book Creator partners with Google for Education to deliver a highly accessible and open-ended experience for students and teachers in the classroom.March 2021

Featured by Tech Daily

Book Creator features in this list of '5 Classroom Tech Tools To Help With The Learning Experience'.
March 2021

Featured by ISTE

Accessibility experts Luis Perez and Kendra Grant inlcuded Book Creator in this post on 30+ Tools for Diverse Learners, featured on the ISTE blog.
February 2021

Featured by Rosa Liarte

Book Creator Ambassador Rosa writes about the launch of our new templates.
Llegan las plantillas a Book Creator January  2021

Tech & Learning Best of 2020Tech & Learning Remote Learning Award
Featured by Tech & Learning

Book Creator won the Best of 2020 award from Tech & Learning. “As a curriculum director I absolutely love Book Creator,” said one judge. “Our students are so engaged with their learning." Book Creator also won the Best Blended & Remote Learning Tools award in March. January  2021

Featured by The Noun Project

Following our integration that allows you to add Noun Project icons to Book Creator, they decided to feature us in their blog.
Using Icons for Education in Book Creator January  2021


Featured by Global EdTech

Vipula Sharma shares a collection of digital learning tips and strategies for supporting English Language Learners.
November 2020

Featured by Jake Miller

Jake Miller created one of his special GIFs for us highlighting the 16 types of media that you can add in Book Creator.
November 2020

Review by Jeong Ji-young

Teacher Jeong Ji-young wrote this review in Korean, at a time when the Korean Book Creator community was growing rapidly.

'온라인 책만들기 Book Creator'
November 2020

EdTech Awards Cool Tool Winner 2020
EdTech Digest Winner

Book Creator picked up another award, winning the EdTech Cool Tool Award 2020 from EdTech Digest. Book Creator beat the competition to be the winner in the ‘Authoring Tools Solution’ category. May 2020

Review by New EdTech Classroom

An excellent review and tutorial from educator Sam Kary. This includes a really useful Book Creator rubric.
February 2020

Review by Wesley Fryer

This is a fascinating report on how Dr. Wesley Fryer worked with his English department to print high quality versions of their Book Creator books. 'Facilitating Student eBook and Book Publishing with Book Creator and Lulu'.
January 2020


Review on is a global education website. This review, by Rachel Walker, lauds Book Creator as "an app that does exactly what it says on the tin, with countless applications in the classroom".
October 2019

Review on TESL-EJ

This is an acadmeic review of Book Creator posted by Eunhye Hess, who is pursuing her doctoral degree in the TESOL/Applied Linguistics program at Oklahoma State University.
May 2019

Review by Balsamiq

Slightly different this one, as it's not a review of the app, but of our actual website. This was done in partnership with Balsamiq who were looking for test cases for their UX expert, Paul Boag, to review. He gave us some useful feedback to help us improve the website. May 2019

Featured by Shake Up Learning

We feature in this podcast on '60 Tools to Inspire Students with Chromebooks'.
April 2019

Featured by Airtame

Glad to be featured in this article about 'Edtech companies that are transforming the way we learn'.
March 2019

Featured by Simple Solutions

Following her presentation at OETC, Ohio, Pat K. wrote this review of Book Creator, calling it 'an amazing app for student authors'.
March 2019


Featured by Ben Forta

Adobe's Senior Director of Education Initiatives, Ben Forta, wrote this article entitled: 'Adobe Spark and Book Creator: The App-Smash Educators Love'
November 2018

Featured in Innovate My School

Dr. Beth Holland wrote a piece on creativity in schools, imploring that pupils should be creating books as well as reading them.
October 2018

Featured by Powtoon

Powtoon is a creativity app that we partnered with as part of the launch of our new embedding content (AppSmashing) feature. They featured an interview with our Community Manager, Dan Kemp.
September 2018

Podcast by So We've Been Thinking

This is a podcast hosted by Greg Kulowiec and Shawn McCusker from EdTechTeacher. This episode was a conversation with Dan Kemp about AppSmashing with Book Creator.
August 2018

Featured by Shake Up Learning

Digital Learning Consultant Kasey Bell included Book Creator in her list of '15 Collaborative Tools for Your Classroom That Are NOT Google'.
August 2018

Review by Corinne McCabe

Corinne is a DET candidate at Central Michigian University and this is a well-referenced article addressing Book Creator.  We particularly like how it talks about the ways in which Book Creator meets ISTE Standards for Students.
July 2018

Mindshift logo
Featured by MindShift

MindShift is a popular blog from KQED about the future of learning. This article from Holly Clark and Tanya Avrith heavily features Book Creator in a piece titled 'How To Use Chromebooks For Powerful Creation in School'.
July 2018

AASL Best Website 2018
Featured by AASL

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) chose Book Creator as one of the best websites for teaching and learning in 2018. They even used Book Creator to showcase the winners! June 2018

Featured by WFMZ-TV

We appeared in this news piece as one of the positive ways parents can allow screen time for kids.
June 2018

Feature by Share With Us

Katie Friedwald shares 5 great reasons to use Book Creator and a host of other resources from her community.
June 2018

Featured by TCEA

In his article about creating ebooks for TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association), Miguel Guhlin has Book Creator down as Approach #1 when it comes to fun ways to make ebooks. There is a separate article about that focuses on how Book Creator supports Universal Design for Learning (UDL).
April 2018

Featured by Google

Book Creator was referenced in this article on the Google blog about new Chromebook tablets.
March 2018

Review by EdTech 4 Beginners

Neil Jarrett is a year 6 leader at an international school in Shanghai, and runs a popular blog and Facebook page. He provided a detailed review of Book Creator with his own lesson ideas.
March 2018

Review by SpeechTechie

Sean Sweeney is a clinician, consultant and trainer in tech integration for Speech Language Pathologists and educators. This post is a simple review highlighting Book Creator's "elegant simplicity, and ability to add any kind of content".
March 2018

Review by ICT Evangelist

Mark Anderson has been a long-time friend of Book Creator. He is an influential UK eductional consultant. This review talks about the impact of our new real-time collaboration feature. Mark has even created his own collaborative book for teachers to share ideas with each other.
March 2018

Featured by Tim Bleazard

On his blog, 'Inspiring third millennium learners', experienced Primary School teacher and ICT co-ordinator Tim Bleazard talks about Book Creator coming to Chrome. He has recorded a video tutorial for using the app on Chrome browsers, and he calls Book Creator for Chrome a 'game changer' for Chromebooks.
February 2018

Featured in Edutopia

This article lists five areas you can focus on to ensure that the digital tools transforming education serve your learning objectives. Book Creator is mentioned as one of the new tools that helps put learning first.
February 2018

Review by Les Outils Tice

Fidel Navamuel is an influential edtech blogger from France who focuses on education tools. His review focused on Book Creator arriving on Chromebooks, following up his 2016 review of Book Creator for iPad.
'Book Creator. Créer et partager des eBooks dans la classe' January 2018

Cult of Pedagogy logo
Featured by Cult of Pedagogy

We were thrilled to see that we'd been included in Jennifer Gonzalez's list of '6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2018'. This annual list gets a lot of attention so we're very thankful to be on it!
January 2018


Featured by The Technology Infused Classroom

Holly Clark is a respected Education Strategist and Google Certified Innovator. Her blog post featured 5 fun ways to use Book Creator in the classroom. Worth a look if you want some new ideas.
December 2017

Vicki Davis
Review by @coolcatteacher

Vicki Davis had her whole class using Book Creator for Chrome so she could post this review and a video tutorial for the app.
November 2017

Featured by Pic Collage

Educator Ann Kozma wrote a great piece on the Pic Collage blog entitled 'Pic Collage Kids & Book Creator, A Perfect App-Smash Pair!'. November 2017

Podcast by Teachers Talking Tech

Teachers Eric Robinson and Mike Brown interviewed our Community Manager Dan Kemp for their podcast, which featured lots of ideas for using Book Creator. August 2017

Featured by Steven W. Anderson

We were delighted when Steven, the co-founder of #EdChat, with a massive following on Twitter as @web20classroom, included Book Creator in his list of 'Awesome Tools To Try This School Year'. August 2017

Featured by

Richard Byrne hosts a massively popular EdTech website, which featured the launch of Book Creator for Chrome. "Students can use Book Creator to create multimedia fiction stories, to publish non-fiction stories, or to create digital portfolios of their best work." August 2017

Featured by Class Tech Tips
EdTech Consultant Monica Burns' article was entitled '4 Reasons I’m Excited for Book Creator on Chrome'. Her reasons: BYOD-friendly; Google Image Search; Increase Collaboration; Elevate Student Voice. August 2017
Review by The Techie Teacher
Julie Smith, aka The Techie Teacher, posted a review of Book Creator and talked about how it could be used in an elementary classroom. She even recorded a Facebook Live demo of the web version of Book Creator. July 2017
Review by Jonathan Wylie
Jonathan is an experience and respected Instructional Technology Consultant. He covered the launch of the new web version of Book Creatore, concluding that it is a "must-have app for any classroom device". July 2017
Featured by Larry Ferlazzo
Larry is an award-winning EFL teacher and author. Following our announcement at ISTE 2017, Larry was one of the first to publicise that Book Creator would be coming to the web. June 2017
Featured by the International Literacy Association
This blog post features Book Creator among the 'Tech Tools to Support English Learners’ Literacy and Language Development'. June 2017
Review by 9to5Mac
As part of their series on EduTech, Chance Miller reviewed Book Creator, highlighting the new publishing online feature, and the community aspect of the app. May 2017
Featured by Perkins School for the Blind
Julie Johnson's article 'Adapting iBooks for Children with Multiple Disabilities', talks about how Book Creator was a simple way for her to create books for her students. May 2017
Featured by Legbug
Mike and Jonathan Sundy include Book Creator in their in-depth blog post about the creation process for their indie picture books. Worth a read! April 2017
Featured by Tutora

Book Creator was ranked #9 out of "The 82 Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017 According to Education Experts."
April 2017

Featured by BridgingApps
BridgingApps is a site which focuses on using tech for people with disabilities. It gave Book Creator a 5-star review and listed it in its 'Top 5 Book Creator apps'. February 2017


Review by is the blog of the eLearning Consortium in Hong Kong. Book Creator Ambassador Jade Chen wrote this review of Book Creator (the first Chinese language review of Book Creator we've seen!). '
全新BOOK CREATOR, 革新電子書創作體驗'
December 2016
Featured by BPS EdTech Team

Book Creator developer Dan Amos gave an interview over Skype to two members of the Student Help Desk at Fox Hill. November 2016

Review by Using Technology Better
Teacher trainer Mark Reading posted an article entitled 'Why Book Creator is my favourite classroom app' and gave 5 excellent reasons why. October 2016
teachers with apps
Review by Teachers With Apps
Kate Chirhart gave a glowing review of Book Creator for the popular educational app site, Teachers With Apps. September 2016
Review by EdTechReview
EdTech blogger Priyanka Gupta reviewed Book Creator for India's largest EdTech media website. She asks: "Can creating an ebook be any simpler?" September 2016
Featured by Scope

Gemma Holleran, a Speech Pathologist, wrote about her 5 favourite ways to use Book Creator for the disability charity, Scope. July 2016

Featured by KQED MindShift

Book Creator appears near the top of this list: 'Librarian Approved: 30 Ed-Tech Apps to Inspire Creativity and Creation'
June 2016

Featured by Microsoft Education

Microsoft Education France featured a review of Book Creator, including a tutorial from Book Creator Ambassador François Lamoureux. 'Book Creator, une application pour créer facilement des livres numériques' June 2016

Featured by Onalytica

Book Creator was listed among the top 200 brands in Elearning and Edtech for 2016, ranking at no. 15. 
May 2016

Featured by EL PAÍS
El País, one of the most popular newspapers in Spain, included Book Creator in its list of 10 apps to improve school performance. '10 ‘apps’ para mejorar el rendimiento escolar' April 2016
Featured by eSchool News
eSchool News is a popular site that focuses on technology in the classroom. The director of EdTechTeacher, Tom Daccord, wrote this piece about 'appsmashing' Book Creator and Tellegami. eSchool News also featured Book Creator as its App of the Week in April. March 2016
EdTech Digest Finalist
Book Creator was chosen as a finalist in the 2016 Cool Tool Awards from EdTech Digest, in the Early Learning category. March 2016
Review by Dosdoce is a site that "analyses the use of new technologies in the cultural sector". José Antonio Vázquez reviewed Book Creator and praised it for being such a simple app to use. 'Book Creator App, para pequeños escritores y editores' January 2016
Review by Krissy Venosdale
Krissy supports teachers in using technology. Her post is simply entitled 'Book Creator Love' - I think we get the idea! January 2016
Review by Les Outils Tice
EdTech journalist Fidel Navamuel wrote a glowing review of Book Creator, calling the app "Un véritable coup de cœur." 'Book Créator. Créez des livres sur votre tablette' January 2016


Featured by @CoolCatTeacher
Vicki Davis, one of the most influential educators on Twitter, did a podcast interview with Book Creator Ambassador Jon Smith entitled 'How I Motivated My Autistic Students to Publish 63 Books'. October 2015
Review by Macitynet
Apple & "Hi-Tech News and Reviews" site featured the new Book Creator comic books update. 'Book Creator: l’app per creare iBooks con l’iPad, ora permette di creare anche fumetti' October 2015
Review by EduStaff
This teacher recruitment agency said some nice things about Book Creator in their short review of the app. October 2015
Featured on the Showbie blog
Showbie is a classroom workflow app that works well with Book Creator. They asked their 'Showbie Champions' what they'd choose as the best app for teachers, and Book Creator came out on top! September 2015
Featured by Scholastic

Gail Lovely and Gayle Berthiaume wrote a piece for the Scholastics Parents blog about creating ebooks with your children. August 2015

Review by Best Apps For Kids
Sandra Fleming gave Book Creator 4.9 out of 5 saying "Book Creator is a fantastic tool to encourage authors and illustrators of all ages." August 2015
Featured on KidLit 411
KidLit 411 is a resource site for children's writers and illustrators. Sylvia Lui interviews Book Creator founder Dan Amos. She also interviewed Dan in 2012. July 2015
Review on
Rolfe Kolbe shares a great tutorial and tips on using Book Creator, making use of the new fonts in the latest update. July 2015
Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice 2015
Review by Children's Technology Review
The long-established and venerable CTR gave Book Creator an A+ (98%) score against its rubric, awarding us an Editor's Choice Award. June 2015
Featured by 1800 Pocket/PC
Josh Robert Nay announced the launch of Book Creator for Windows on his popular Windows review site. June 2015
Featured by Paredro
Here is a Spanish design and creativity website/magazine, which announced the launch of Book Creator for Windows. 'BookCreator, una app para que crees un libro electrónico' June 2015
Featured by Microsoft UK Schools blog
Microsoft UK published a version of our press release to help spread the word about the launch of Book Creator for Windows. June 2015
Review on
A review and tutorial of Book Creator for Android, in French. 'L’indispensable BookCreator pour Android' June 2015
Featured by Education World
Education World featured an interview with Kristen Paino of Avenues School, New York, on her experience of using Book Creator in her classroom. June 2015
Finalist in the Revere Awards 2015
Book Creator was nominated as a finalist in the 'Beyond the classroom (Play)' category at the 2015 Revere Awards. June 2015
Featured by SmartBlog on Education
Jon Smith's article talks about how he used Book Creator to give his students' work a global audience. May 2015
Featured by iPad Familia
This Portuguese site looks at apps that are suitable for children. They featured Book Creator in their article about the importance of storytelling for children, and showed some examples of books they'd made. 'Leitores e Autores: o iPad dá voz (foto, video…) aos alunos' April 2015
Review by Apps für Kinder
Review on this German app review site highlighted the intuitive nature of the app and the fact it can be used by the whole family. March 2015
Educational App Store Recommended
Review by the Educational App Store
This popular UK app review site gave Book Creator 5 stars and their EAS Certification as a recommended app. March 2015
Review on Technology in Literacy Education
4th Grade teacher Sarah Liebenrood penned an article entitled 'My Digital Natives as Published Storytellers', saying that Book Creator has "completely revolutionized my writing instruction". March 2015
Featured by Google Play for Education

The Google Play for Education Team put together their own 15 minute 'Kickstart guide' for Book Creator in Google Slides.
February 2015

Review by AppEd Review
AppEd review is an educational app review site with an extensive rubric of evaluation criteria. They reviewed Book Creator Free and scored it 9.6/10. March 2015
Review by Mat Pullen
Matt Pullen is an Apple Distinguished Educator and programme director at digital consultancy Aspire2Be. Speaking as a former PE teacher, he lists a number of ways that Book Creator can be used to inspire learning. February 2015
Featured on iTeach with iPads
Apple Distinguished Educator Kristi Meeuwse talks about Book Creator as an alternative to iBooks Author for 'teacher created texts'. February 2015
Review by MainstreamSEND
Secondary school teacher Jules Daulby provides an excellent argument for using Book Creator as an Assistive Technology tool for Special Education Needs (SEN) students. February 2015
Review by Teaching Techie Teens
Teacher and blogger Rebecca Davies, from Australia, called Book Creator "The best app for digital portfolios in Primary schools". February 2015
Review by Concordia International School
The review says Book Creator is their favourite tool for creating books on a tablet.

February 2015
Featured in THE Journal
THE Journal, one of America's leading resources for education technology news for K-12, wrote a case study on an Apple Distinguished Educator who uses Book Creator in her classroom. January 2015
Bett Awards 2015 Best Educational App
BETT Show 2015
EdTech consultant Mark Anderson gave a 10 minute demo of Book Creator at the Google stand at BETT 2015, where we also won the BETT Award for Best Educational App. January 2015


Featured by Geektime

Originally featured in Geektime - the largest international tech blog located outside the US, this blog by Yu-kai Chou listed Book Creator at no.1 in their list of 'Top 10 apps that help improve the lives of Autism spectrum children'.
December 2014

Featured on 'Moving at the speed of creativity'
Teacher and author Dr. Wesley Fryer recorded a podcast explaining his current Book Creator projects. He goes into detail about his publishing workflows. December 2014
Review on Techy in Kindergarten
Miss Smith is a 1:1 iPad Kindergarten teacher. She scored Book Creator a perfect 30/30 and declares it to be a must-use app for teachers! December 2014
Review by Pappas Appar
This Swedish app review site gave Book Creator 4 out of 5 stars. 'Book Creator – skapa egna e-böcker med ljud, bild och text' November 2014
Review by petits clicks
This is a site run by Anna Codina which is aimed at educating parents so they can assist their 'digital natives'. This is the only review of Book Creator we've ever come across written in the Spanish dialect of Catalan! 'Crea els teus propis llibres digitals amb Book Creator' October 2014
Review by Fractus Learning
Lisa Blessington wrote a short review and listed 5 compelling ideas for putting Book Creator into practice. Not only is the review very well presented, but there's some wonderfully useful links included. September 2014
Review by Come On, Get 'Appy
We wanted to include this review as it touches on some of the ways that Book Creator is aligned to the Common Core. A useful read for teachers. September 2014
Review by Androides en el Aula
Felo Couto is a special education and ICT teacher who runs this Androids in the Classroom blog. He posted a review, saying how happy he was that the app had arrived on Android. September 2014
Review by ICT at Newington
Rolf Kolbe, a teacher and eLearning Leader from Newington College, Sydney, posted a great review and video tutorial on his school's ICT blog. September 2014
Tech With Kids Best Pick App
Review by Tech with Kids
Book Creator won the coveted Best Pick App award, scoring 4.5 stars (out of 5). They ask - why should the big name authors have all the fun?! September 2014
Review by UKEdChat
This social enterprise community in the UK posted a review of the iPad and Android versions of Book Creator. August 2014
Review and giveaway on iPadizaté
iPadizate is a major Spanish tech site. They reviewed the app and gave away copies via their Facebook page. 'Book Creator para iPad: Crea, Diseña y Publica Libros en la App Store y en iBooks' July 2014
Review on TodoiPhone
An in-depth review from this Spanish app review site. 'Book Creator, la aplicación ideal para hacer eBooks con el iPad' July 2014
Review on Prof Digitale
Prof Digitale, Alessandro Bencivenni, is an educational technology trainer. This review is in Italian. 'Book Creator da oggi parla italiano e crea bellissimi e-Book' July 2014
Review on Edutablets
A Spanish education site that featured Book Creator when we released an update that included translation in Spanish. 'Book Creator. Creando libros digitales' July 2014
Review on Alertas iPhone
This Spanish website helped us spread the word about Book Creator being translated into Spanish, with a review and promotional giveaway. 'Sorteamos 5 promo codes de Book Creator para iPad' June 2014
Featured in MacFormat
MacFormat featured a short article about why they still love Book Creator, and very kindly let us know via Twitter (as it only appeared in print and in their app)! May 2014
Feature and giveaway on iPad Apps for School
This incredibly popular educational resource site has posted about our app a number of times. This giveaway prompted a couple of dozen very humbling responses. April 2014
Review on
Ebook Strategy Magazine is a website focusing on HTML5 and ebook technology. How cool to see a review of Book Creator for Android in Japanese! 'だけでEPUB 3 固定レイアウトの本を作成' April 2014
Featured on
An article by Jeana Lee Tahnk on this very popular parenting site featured Book Creator at no.1 in their list of '14 Expert-Recommended iPad Autism Apps'. April 2014
Featured by The Next Web

Technology site The Next Web featured Book Creator when we released the Android version of our app. February 2014


Review by Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is a site for creatives, and they reviewed Book Creator when we released a free version of our app in Summer 2013.
They also covered the launch of our Android and Windows apps.
August 2013

Featured on MummyPages is the UK’s leading pregnancy and parenting website. Every month, parents and parents-to-be, visit our website for the most comprehensive and helpful information in the UK, expert advice and friendly support. August 2013
Review by iGameMom
iGameMom is a review site aimed at busy parents who want to discover educational apps for kids. May 2013
Review and giveaway on
AppAbled offers app advice for the Special Needs community. They gave Book Creator a positive review and also ran a giveaway. April 2013
Featured in iPad in Education for Dummies
Sam Gliksman covered using Book Creator in his book, part of the popular '...for Dummies' series. Here is a snippet from the book: 'Help Students Create Educational E-Books with Book Creator iPad App' January 2013
Review on Skolappar
Ulrika Jonsson, a teacher from Sweden, posted this detailed review on a Swedish site that reviews apps for teaching and learning. 'Book Creator – Gör kreativa böcker på ett enkelt sätt' January 2013
Review on AppoLearning
Beth Cheng scored Book Creator 89/100 on this curated educational app review site. January 2013
Featured on
This was an interesting one, as the article explores using Book Creator in a different way to what we normally see. Paolo Tosolini entitled his article 'Leveraging iPads and multimedia iBooks for internal communications.' January 2013
Featured on The Early Intervention Playground
Jodi Altringer reviewed Book Creator from the perspective of a special education teacher, and was very positive about its potential in the classroom. November 2012
Review on AppoLearning
Beth Cheng scored Book Creator 89/100 on this curated educational app review site. January 2013
Featured on
This was an interesting one, as the article explores using Book Creator in a different way to what we normally see. Paolo Tosolini entitled his article 'Leveraging iPads and multimedia iBooks for internal communications.' January 2013


Featured on The Early Intervention Playground
Jodi Altringer reviewed Book Creator from the perspective of a special education teacher, and was very positive about its potential in the classroom. November 2012
Review on Sylvia Liu Land
Sylvia Liu is a children's illustrator and author. She reviewed Book Creator after using it to publish her own book. This review features a bonus interview with Dan Amos! March 2012
Parents' Choice Gold Award
Review on Parents' Choice
Parents' Choice reviewed Book Creator and gave it a Gold Award. March 2012


Featured on E is for Ebook
This is a detailed description of how Loreen Leedy was able to bring her out-of-print children's book 'Tracks in the Sand' back to life using Book Creator, much to her delight! October 2011
Featured on
Donny Yankellow gave Book Creator a 9/10 review because he was able to bring his illustrated children's books to the iBookstore using the app. October 2011
Review on Pad Gadget
One of the earliest reviews of Book Creator came from freelance writer Emily Becker, writing for PadGadget. September 2011
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Although now quite a dated review, it was great to get coverage from one of the world's biggest tech websites. September 2011

Review on Langwitches
Education Consultant Silvia Tolisano literally reviewed the app on the day it launched, and has long been a supporter of Book Creator. Check out the old pencil icon! September 2011
Our first ever press release!
One for the archives this, our very first press release, when iOS was still on version 4.0, and most of the best-known features of Book Creator had yet to be introduced. 'Book Creator for iPad – New iPad app opens iBooks to everyone' September 2011