Improving literacy with Book Creator

Reading, writing, publishing. With Book Creator, literacy comes alive

Improving literacy with Book Creator

Reading, writing, publishing. With Book Creator, literacy comes alive
Book Creator - Ways to Enhance Literacy book

15 original activities to try with Book Creator, with explicit links to Common Core English Language Arts standards.

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Enhance your literacy curriculum

Book Creator allows for a differentiated approach to teaching the 5 core facets of literacy:

  • listening
  • reading
  • writing
  • speaking
  • vocabulary

Books beyond words

Book Creator is much more than a word processor. Combine text, images, audio, and video to create digital books that teachers and students will be proud of.

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Animation of a book made in Book Creator
Tiffany Copple
Last summer we were researching ways to incorporate digital interactive notebooks into our literacy blocks. All of our research kept pointing us back to Book Creator!
Tiffany Copple, 6th grade Social Studies and Digital Literacy teacher

How does Book Creator improve outcomes in literacy?

The art of creating a digital book allows students to consider the whole writing process.

They can type or dictate text right onto the page. They can practice fluency by recording themselves reading what they have written. They can check for comprehension by having their books read back to them.

You can expect improvements such as:

  • Better organisation and connection of ideas
  • Increased use of academic vocabulary
  • Increased use of clarifying details and analogies

Book Creator's 'Read to Me' mode can automatically read the text on the page (in multiple languages). You can choose to highlight the words as they are read.

Eye Spy: The Parasitic Peril by Isabel, age 9

Case studies

Real-life stories from classrooms across the world
Students collaborating on a book

Using Book Creator for Writing Workshop

“Some students have great ideas but are poor writers, Book Creator allows them to participate in a writer’s workshop on an even footing with other students. The great writers can REALLY flourish as they communicate their ideas in a variety of media.”

Jenny Mitchell, Middle School Teacher

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Library set up for "book tasting"

Hosting a modern ‘book tasting’ with Book Creator

“One of the challenges of a Teacher-Librarian can be how to engage reluctant readers in short library periods. Students who are struggling with literacy can be hesitant to choose books, read for extended periods of time, or even enter the library space. Therefore, I try to find creative ways to inspire students and encourage a love of reading.”

Mira Campbell, Teacher-Librarian

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Library set up for "book tasting"
Using Book Creator to enhance ELA curriculum
"Once we started using Book Creator, student engagement improved tenfold. From a planning standpoint, we no longer need to worry about engagement. We are creating true excitement with our students. We are able to quickly see what the students are doing, help make quick edits, and provide quick feedback digitally. Learning is fun for our students!”
Kayla Davis, 3rd-grade Teacher
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The world is their audience

Do you have reluctant writers in your classroom? Your students will be much more engaged when they know they can actually become published authors.

Check out these example books below - from real classrooms across the world, all made in Book Creator.

 Is "publishing" books safe?


Literacy resources for teachers

We have a dedicated resources section with more case studies, lesson ideas and more to help English and Language Arts teachers.
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98% of teachers say Book Creator made a positive impact on their teaching.

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