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10 years of TWIMA! To celebrate this milestone, we brought the project back. Did the magic of global storytelling still hold strong? Let's see!

This year marked a decade of The World Is My Audience (TWIMA), a global project that empowers students to share their stories with a global audience. As Be An Author month rolled around, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to reignite the spirit of global collaboration and celebrate the power of storytelling.

TWIMA 10 embraced the theme "This is Me", inviting students from across the world to share their personal narratives based on who they are, where they come from and who they want to be.

Working collaboratively or individually, students from 12 countries submitted 48 stories that celebrated their unique identities.


Reflections on TWIMA 10

A huge thank you to the incredible educators who dedicated valuable classroom time to introduce Book Creator and TWIMA 10 to their students!

Their commitment played a vital role in the project's success. We were eager to hear their thoughts, and here's what some of them had to say:

Joanne Nisbet
"I gave my students the challenge to create a book about themselves and they took the project on eagerly and with enthusiasm. They explored the wonders of Book Creator and shared information about themselves. The students got creative with themes, templates and the amazing AutoDraw."
Joanne Nisbet, Teacher, St. Jerome Catholic School, ON, Canada
Sabina Witek
"The #TWIMA project is a response to the educational challenges of our time. Students represent their country, their hometown on the international stage. It's a source of pride for them, their teachers, and also for their community."
Sabina Witek, German Teacher, Szkoła Podstawowa Koniuszowa, Poland

Sabina's students at the read aloud

Torrence Jones
"The students I worked with love Book Creator and enjoyed sharing about themselves. They were engaged and excited to create. We got involved as we wanted to provide the opportunity for students to share their voice."
 Torrence Jones, K-5 Technology Integrator, West Elementary School, NY, US
"This program aligns perfectly with the principles of early childhood education and literacy development that we emphasize in our teacher education program. By partnering with Book Creator, we can inspire a love of reading in children and empower the next generation of teachers to make a lasting impact in their classrooms and communities."
Shufianah Puteri Yusof, Lecturer, IPG Kampus Kent Baru, Malaysia
Eric Balak headshot
"Students have the option to create books as part of their genius hour projects/enrichment. We came across the TWIMA challenge and a few students jumped at the opportunity to create and share their story."
Eric Balak, Gifted Educator, Bear Creek Intermediate School, PA, US

The read aloud celebrations

To culminate the project, we hosted a global read-aloud webinar on April 17 featuring students and educators from Poland, Canada, and the US. This heartwarming event allowed students to connect across borders, celebrating their stories and fostering a sense of global community.

The excitement for TWIMA 11 was real, and we were honored to create a platform for students to share their voices and dreams with the world. Would you get involved in the next TWIMA? If so, what are your suggestions for the topic? Let us know!

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