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YouTube videos, Google Docs, creations from other apps - you name it. With our latest update you can bring all of this content into Book Creator for iPad or Chrome. Let the App Smashing commence!

We're really pleased to announce that our big summer update is now available. It's a huge update with massive potential. You can now take embed codes from other websites and apps and add them directly into Book Creator.

Maps... videos... documents... podcasts... forms... all can now be added directly onto the page.

Support: Embedding in Book Creator for Chrome

Support: Embedding in Book Creator for iPad

Google Maps integration

Google Maps is now built into Book Creator. Simply type in the place name and we'll generate the map for you. This will be great for documenting field trips or bringing your research journals to life. Annotate your maps with the pen tool!

Update January 2022 - Google Maps is now a premium feature as part of the new App Store.

Add videos straight from YouTube

No more downloading and uploading videos to get them into your book. You can now add the embed code directly from YouTube and have it appear in your book. Also works with other video sharing platforms like Vimeo.

Embed documents onto the page

Do you have reference documents that you've already created in other apps? Add them to your book! This works with PDFs, Google Docs/Sheets and Pages, Numbers (if you're using Book Creator for iPad). It also works with audio, video or images.

Add interactive content

Basically, if you can get an embed code (or sometimes just the URL), in most cases, you can bring it directly into Book Creator. This means you can bring in content from all kinds of other apps - Explain Everything, Soundtrap, WeVideo, Adobe Spark, CoSpaces Edu, Tynker, ThingLink... the list goes on.

Here's a short guide to appsmashing Flipgrid and Book Creator from First Grade teacher Joe Merrill:

And check out these other book examples we've made:

Your definitive guide

The Ultimate Guide to Embedding Content in Book Creator

Let the App Smashing commence

Full instructions on how to embed content on both iPad and Chrome can be found on our Support pages. These updates are out now, so make sure to sign into or update your iPad app today.

If you want to learn more about the thinking behind this update, listen to this podcast that Dan Kemp recorded with EdTechTeacher's Greg Kulowiec (the teacher that originally coined the term "App Smashing" in 2013).

We are so excited to see how teachers and students use this new feature.

If you create something awesome, why not publish your book online and share it on social media? Tag it with the hashtag #AppSmash and we'll share the learning!

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