Book Creator 4.3: What have we improved?

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Share media to Book Creator

You can now share media from other apps directly into Book Creator.

The latest update to Book Creator is now in the App Store with support for sharing audio, video, image and text straight into Book Creator from other apps. Sharing works from Google Drive, Dropbox, the Photos app, iMovie and more.

Previously, you had to save any photo or video to the iPad Camera Roll first – now you can do it directly. What’s more, you couldn’t share audio tracks at all before, without exporting them to a computer with iTunes.

But for example, you can now share songs from GarageBand into Book Creator in just a few taps, and then set them as a hotspot button.

enable-sharing-to-book-creatorThis has been a long-requested update – and we’re really excited to finally release it!

To get started you’ll need to enable the sharing activity for Book Creator.

From another app tap on the share icon then scroll through the list of apps to the 3 dots. Tap on this and enable Book Creator.

Also in this release

  • New design for the Add item + picker, making is easier to find things.
  • You can make speech and thought bubbles much smaller.
  • We’ve dramatically reduced how much space the app uses.
  • Drop shadows on shapes work again.
  • Some bug fixes for shapes moving position in imported books.
New menu shows items you've shared to Book Creator

What do you think?

Are you happy with the update? What do you think we should work on next? Let us know in the comments below.

Book Creator 4.3 – available in the App Store now.

Download on the App Store

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One Comment on “Book Creator 4.3: What have we improved?”

  1. Thanks for all !
    It’s a GREAT update indeed !
    Sharing medias from Dropbox too ;-)

    French teacher (3 / 4 years old kids)

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