Documenting my first year at secondary school

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This is so heartwarming we just had to share it.

Jennifer Stack is a Teacher at CBS The Green in Tralee, Country Kerry, Ireland. She reached out to us to let us know about Cian, a very special student at her school, who has been using Book Creator to document his first year at secondary school.

Cian and Ms Stack in his book

This was Jennifer's message to us:

"My students, aged between 12 to 14, have been working with Book Creator. There is one student in particular who has really benefited from your app.

"Cian has Down's syndrome and is the first ever student with his wonderful special talents to come to our school. He is usually non verbal but you will see during the process of creating this book, Cian really had to rely on his verbal skills, which was just amazing. He is starting to make the effort to talk to me while we create his digital diary.

"Working on the book at school, he found he could type in Book Creator and because of predictive typing he could select the correct word. Since we've had to switch to remote learning I had him focus more on his handwriting and you can see that reflected in the book.

"Cian was awarded a certificate of achievement from Webwise Ireland and PDST Technology for his work to date in creating his digital diary. I am so proud of him and I have a feeling you will feel proud to be part of the Book Creator team when you look at Cian's book. Essentially Book Creator is giving this young man a voice and a way to learn and communicate.

"Finally, his mom has taken a course to learn how to use Book Creator so she can continue working with Cian over the summer until he returns to school — it's a great success story!!!!"

You can read the whole book below, or open in a new window.

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