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Our latest ebook is here, and it's a special one.

Book Creator has long been viewed as an excellent app choice for allowing students of all ages and abilities to create books. Particularly when combined with the powerful accessibility features of an iPad, Book Creator has become a popular app in classrooms across the world for supporting student variability.

Using Book Creator for Differentiated Learning

In our latest ebook, we wanted to showcase these features and highlight real-life ideas and examples that can be used in your classroom to support differentiated learning. To do this, we turned to a special educator with over 25 years experience of working with students of all ages and ability.

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Rosey McQuillan is an assistive and educational technology consultant, a Special Education Program Supervisor at Lesley University and an Instructor with EdTechTeacher. She works with teachers to design accessible curriculum for all learners. These credentials made her the perfect choice for writing this book, not to mention that she's a Book Creator Amabssador who has been using the app since it launched in 2011.

Table of Contents

In this book you will find examples and practical tips on how Book Creator can be used to differentiate lessons for students in your classroom. You will find a variety of options to customize the user experience to enable students to document their learning while keeping the focus on demonstrating understanding and curriculum access.

Book Creator has tools that can support the three principals of Universal Design for Learning. Students bring different gifts and challenges to the classroom. Looking through a UDL lens helps us to identify barriers to learning. Rosey explores how Book Creator can be used for both teachers and students to create content and demonstrate thinking.

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As this book was written in Book Creator, it has been published online and can be read on any device.

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If you prefer, you can also download the book from Apple Books and read it offline.

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This book is part of the series of ebooks on 'Using Book Creator in the classroom'. There are currently 12 books in the series with more to be released in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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