Using Book Creator for Formative Assessment

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Update April 2024 - we've published an updated version of this book. Read more here.

Front cover of Using Book Creator for Formative AssessmentUsing Book Creator for Formative Assessment is the latest in our series of ebooks, created in Book Creator, aimed at resourcing teachers and developing new ways to use the app in your classroom.

This book is authored by the excellent Dr. Monica Burns ( and focuses on a topic she's already covered in her webinar series, and a subject on which she can be considered an expert.

It’s so important to give students different ways to “show you what they know.” Formative assessment is all about figuring out what children understand and what misconceptions they have so you can plan future instruction to meet the needs of students in your class. With technology tools like Book Creator teachers can listen in to student voices, capture their thinking and have a shareable product that documents their growth.

This book contains 15 illustrative tips for using Book Creator to check for understanding, for example:

  • Goal setting
  • Daily/weekly logs
  • Feedback loops
  • Checklists

How to get the book

As the book is published using Book Creator's online publishing feature, this means you can read the book online on any device you choose. You can click on the audio hotspots within the book to hear Monica's special insights and tips.

Read the book online

If you prefer to read the book offline using the iBooks app, you can download the book from the iBooks Store.

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  1. As an art teacher, I always like to include writing along with the artwork… one of my lessons is on writing and illustrating a children’s book. What suggestions do you have for me on how to use it in art?

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