Thanksgiving template book

Dan KempElementary / Primary, Middle School

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here's a little something from us that you can use in your lessons this year.

Looking for an extra activity to include in your Thanksgiving lessons this year? We are pleased to announce this new creative resource that you can add to your Book Creator libraries and share with your learners.

This book is packed full of fun activities and tasks.

  • Start off by designing your front cover and replacing the original one.
  • Write and draw some of the things you are thankful for.
  • Retell the story of Thanksgiving in comic book form!
  • Interact with the quiz, wordsearch and jokes!

Remix this book in your library

Once you've added this book to your library, have students make a copy of the book so they can each work on their own version.

Have fun!


Check out this library of Thanksgiving books made by students and teachers.


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