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We all know that if you hand a device to your students, they’ll have it figured out in minutes, right?!
But for teachers, you may want some assistance (or some inspiration).

We’re here to help.

Summer 2018 webinar series

Our summer series has now finished. You can watch all of these webinars again with the links below – and stay tuned for more great webinars next year!

Note: all webinars are free, and can be accessed via your computer using the link provided to GoToWebinar. You will need to pay if you decide to connect via telephone (numbers are provided for 17 countries) – you will be charged by your telephone provider. If you sign up to a webinar using your email address, you may be contacted by Book Creator or Monica Burns about future webinars or learning opportunities (but you will always be given the option to unsubscribe).

Your host: Monica Burns – EdTech Consultant, Author & Speaker

Monica BurnsMonica Burns, who you may know from the popular educational resource, has joined the Book Creator team to host these webinars and share her experience and expertise.

Webinar archive

View our archived webinars below, or on our YouTube playlist.