In our latest book, Teacher-Librarian
Mira Campbell brings you project ideas, resources and lesson tips to make your Library Learning Commons the place to be!

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Inspire, Create & Celebrate

You probably found out about this book because you registered for Mira Campbell’s webinar - Inspire, Create & Celebrate. Watch the webinar here!

The 6 steps to success:

In her webinar, Mira breaks down her process for you to learn from into 6 steps:

  • Inspiration - how to source project ideas
  • Collaboration - both among teachers and students
  • Choice & voice - ideas for differentiation and sharing beyond the classroom
  • Bring to life - appsmashing multimedia into your projects to engage students and allow them to express their creativity
  • Feedback & reflection - giving specific and timely feedback is vital to allow students the time to revise their work and reflect on their learning
  • Authentic global audience - sharing work outside the classroom is a great motivator, and printing books can be a fantastic way to generate excitement at the end of a project.
Mira Campbell