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With Book Creator you can write in multiple languages, have your book read to you, and then really bring their language books to life with audio and video. Bonus: our iPad app has been translated into 11 languages!

Supporting Language Learners with Book Creator

This book is the work of experienced educators Ramona Towner and Lucia Carrera. Explore ideas such as cognates, Total Physical Response (TPR), Reading Response Journals and other ideas spanning the curriculum, focused on students acquiring a new language.
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Language Books

The best way to see how Book Creator can be used in your language classroom is to see what other students and teachers are making. Check out these example books from around the world.

Using Book Creator for Reading Responses

In this webinar you’ll learn how to use Book Creator for everyday reading journals, periodic reading activities and collaborative reading responses - all great activities that can be applied to the ELL classroom.

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