Book Creator webinars

We all know that if you hand a device to your students, they’ll have it figured out in minutes, right?!
But for teachers, you may want some assistance (or some inspiration).

We’re here to help.

Summer 2018 webinar series

This series is designed for teachers who want to energize their use of Book Creator. These webinars are 45 minutes in length and include an opportunity for questions.

You will be creating books along the way so you’ll need to sign in at and have the app ready. Teachers who want one can request a certificate of completion after each webinar.

Wednesday 11 July, 1pm EDT.

This session will provide an overview of real-time collaboration in Book Creator for Chrome as well as strategies for collaborative classroom activities.

– Live, interactive collaborative book creating experience
– Tips for using just a few Chromebooks
– Lesson ideas that leverage collaborative features


Note: all webinars are free, and can be accessed via your computer using the link provided to GoToWebinar. You will need to pay if you decide to connect via telephone (numbers are provided for 17 countries) – you will be charged by your telephone provider. If you sign up to a webinar using your email address, you may be contacted by Book Creator or Monica Burns about future webinars or learning opportunities (but you will always be given the option to unsubscribe).

Your host: Monica Burns – EdTech Consultant, Author & Speaker

Monica BurnsMonica Burns, who you may know from the popular educational resource, has joined the Book Creator team to host these webinars and share her experience and expertise.

Webinar archive

View our archived webinars below, or on our YouTube playlist.

  • Using Book Creator for Reading Responses
    21 June, 2018
    In this webinar you’ll learn how to use Book Creator for everyday reading journals, periodic reading activities and collaborative reading responses.
  • Elementary Spotlight: Using Book Creator in K-4 Classrooms
    14 June, 2018
    This session focuses on strategies for using Book Creator with our youngest learners including classroom examples and collaboration tips.
  • Check for Understanding with Book Creator
    31 May, 2018
    In this session we’ll explore ways students can “show what they know” across subject areas when creating ebooks with Book Creator.
  • Getting started with Book Creator for Chrome
    18 May, 2018
    Let's dive into Book Creator for Chrome uses to help you identify the power of creating and sharing ebooks within this ecosystem.
  • Creating comics in the classroom
    16 August, 2017
    This session will share steps for getting started with comics in Book Creator as well as ways to use this text type in your classroom.
  • Creating ebooks to document field trips and special events
    17 July, 2017
    From field trips to guest visitors, special events can be captured with Book Creator to produce a shareable, lasting memory.
  • Check for understanding with Book Creator
    30 June, 2017
    Webinar about exploring ways students can “show what they know” across subject areas when creating ebooks with Book Creator.
  • Using Book Creator in the one iPad classroom
    7 June, 2017
    Looking at ideas for making the most of Book Creator when you only have one (or just a few) iPads between your class.
  • Publishing for Authentic Audiences: Creating with a Purpose
    7 November, 2016
    Learn how to publish for local and global audiences.
  • Book Creator for Informational Writing in Every Subject Area
    6 October, 2016
    Explore different project ideas for incorporating informational writing across the content areas.
  • Writing in Response to Reading with Book Creator
    20 September, 2016
    Use Book Creator to organize reading responses and differentiate instruction.
  • Increase Writing in Math with Book Creator
    9 August, 2016
    Learn how to encourage and support writing in the math classroom.
  • Getting Started with Book Creator
    2 August, 2016
    A condensed, 1-hour version of our 3-part Getting Started series.
  • Favorite Apps to use with Book Creator
    18 July, 2016
    Explore different apps to design dynamic Book Creator products.
  • Using Book Creator in the Science Classroom
    20 June, 2016
    Learn how Book Creator can be used to publish student projects in science.