App smashing Book Creator and ThingLink for Video

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This EdTech specialist took the opportunity to experiment with some cool new video features in Book Creator and ThingLink.

My mobile native writes a story!

Over the summer, my second grade son began writing his “Pirit Story” [pirate]. I wanted to capture the essence and humour of the story and his personality to archive it for years to come as well as share his creation with friends and family.

Naturally, the ease of use and open-ended nature of the Book Creator app was an easy fit for him to digitise his story. I also wanted to take a hands off approach that allowed him to be as independent as possible so we used the Belkin Portable Stage to have him take steady shots of the images.

Hayden using Book Creator

Once the images were captured, he began typing the text in to Book Creator, recording the audio for his speech bubbles, and eventually using the camera to add his own narration of the text.

While I did demo each step of the process with him once, he was able to add additional media to the book with ease and without additional parental support.

Exporting as video

As the author has plans for “Pirit Story 2-7”, I wanted to share the first chapter as well as reflect on the process. With the export to video option now available in Book Creator, this made sharing a breeze.

Truly wanting to share the ins and outs of this process with others, I set out to app smash Book Creator with a new tool… ThingLink for Video.

Once you have uploaded your Book Creator video to YouTube, ThingLink for Video allows users to tag the video with text, link, or text and links. See the example below, and hover over the coloured tags for more information.

My mobile native is currently working on preparing book 2. He has written 3 more so far and plans to digitise and release one a month using Book Creator.

Ahoy fellow global edu maties! Stay tuned!

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