App smashing in Math

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Geoboard screenshot

Combine Geoboard with Book Creator and don’t underestimate what the class will come up with!

We were working in our Geoboard app today making shapes. It is a free app that allows students to work with virtual geoboards without the hassle of rubber bands being snapped and popped all over the place. We made all kinds of shapes and talked about why we couldn’t make a circle. We then learned how to do a screenshot of our work.

They had fun creating their shapes and making the screenshots. My plan was to then have them upload the image into Showbie but a few students asked if we could put them in our Book Creator math journals first.

So, without delay, we immediately opened our math journals and uploaded our screen shots into the math journal created in Book Creator. Then, I asked them what we should do with it now that the screenshot had been uploaded.

*Crickets* and blank stares.

Finally, someone said, “Aren’t you going to tell us what to do?”  I told them I wanted them to figure out what needed to be done and that they didn’t need me to tell them. A bit more silence ensued and finally it was decided by a majority that they needed to label their picture.

Here is one that was completed today:

Shapes I can make screenshot in Book Creator

Most didn’t finish but a few did. The child used environmental print to write the shape words and then used the Pen tool in Book Creator to draw the arrows to each shape. Some have decided they will use the recording function tomorrow to record themselves telling about the shapes.

By using Geoboard app and Book Creator, our math app smash was a fun and engaging way to work on this skill.

Don’t underestimate a 5-year-old’s ability to handle multiple apps! They not only understand, they come up with creative ways to do so.

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  1. Hi Kristi,

    I am wondering how to get the other templates in your math journal? I was able to find the Geoboard app, but would like to use your ten frame template and your pattern template.


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