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When you're teaching, it is important to create shareable resources which can be personalised to suit your students' needs. With Book Creator you can do all that whilst having fun.

I first used the iPad app about 5/6 years ago for some research and a project. I came across the app on social media and at the time we were toying with the idea of creating digital books.

It was one of a number of programmes we were exploring but was the easiest and best to use on the iPad.

The creative possibilities are endless

I've been using both the app version and, in the last few years, the online version with my students to create books for teaching science in elementary/primary school. We have been making books on famous scientists, on how to teach science and about progression in science.

I think we have made about 200 books in the last 3 years and there have been another 40 this year. 📚📙📗

The students have LOVED making the books.

They like that they can add both multimedia and interactive elements to the books and that these are then easy to share. They have worked collaboratively and this has been a real bonus over the pandemic times.

How to publish your book online with Book Creator

Storybooks to help parents

As part of the pandemic, we also made a short series of books for parents of young children to alleviate any fears about children going to school during the pandemic - or returning to school after lockdown.

These social stories were a collaboration between a behavioural psychologist and teachers in education. We then combined them all into books which were built off the back of a small research project 👇

Book Creator is a very intuitive and easy piece of software and has grown and developed over the last few years. As an ambassador it has been a joy to watch it evolve so much!  🎉

I am continually finding different ways of using Book Creator too. I can make my own books for course materials, introductions to the course and sometimes I just create books for FUN.

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