Book Creator Ambassadors

Over 1,000 Ambassadors around the world help shape the future of Book Creator, giving feedback to us and helping fellow teachers learn about the app.

Book Creator belongs to you, the educators.

The benefits

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Become part of a private community of teachers
You’ll support each other, and work with the Book Creator team to make the app the best it can be.
Book Creator beta icon
Access to early beta releases

You’ll be first to see and test any new features and updates we have in the pipeline for Book Creator.

1000 books
Free upgrade to the 1000 book teacher plan
During your time as an Ambassador, you’ll have a complimentary upgrade to the 1000 book plan (which includes access to real-time collaboration).
Book Creator t-shirt and mug
Book Creator swag

Get your hands on some much coveted Book Creator merchandise!

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Recognition as an Ambassador
Get an Ambassador badge for your website/social media profile, and be publicly recognised on the map below.

What we expect of you:

  • You’ll be an advocate for Book Creator, making it an integral tool in your teaching. You’ll encourage colleagues to learn about the app and help them where you can - face to face, and online.
  • You’ll be committed to making the most of Book Creator and learning how best to use the app (for example you’ll make use of and contribute to our Teacher Resources database).
  • You’ll be an active participant in our Facebook Teachers group (supporting other teachers) and regularly join our monthly webinars.
  • You’ll participate in beta testing and contribute feedback and ideas to our Book Creator basecamp.

How to apply:

Click the button below to access the application form.

You'll need to be a Book Creator Certified Author in order to be eligible to apply to be an Ambassador.

You'll then need to submit evidence of previous presentations or blog posts about Book Creator, a case study and a short video testimony of why you use Book Creator.

Finally, you'll submit your profile details for our website.

Are you our next Ambassador?

Applications closed
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Applicants for the Class of 2022 will hear back from us by 14th September.
Toni Hamilton

The Ambassador programme has helped me keep informed and up to date on new projects, training and be a part of the development of Book Creator for all. I love that I am able to help and advise those in our wider community and have a wealth of knowledge from ambassadors around the world at my finger tips!

Toni Hamilton

Computing Lead
Ashford, UK

Anthony Egbers

For me the power of being an ambassador is my direct connection to the developers at Book Creator. This partnership allows me to provide suggestions for updates, be involved in the redesign of the website and have honest conversations with the team. 

Anthony Egbers

Director of Technology

Johannesburg, South Africa

Naomi Harm
I cannot thank the Book Creator team enough for their support and guidance. When I make a suggestion to build in a feature, they truly listen and make the magic happen. They are also extremely responsive in getting back to me through active communication, and always acknowledge my emails.

Naomi Harm

STEM Innovation Specialist
Arizona, USA

Marcello Cafiero
Whenever I train teachers, the most interesting moment is when I introduce Book Creator. Their enthusiasm is absolutely incredible. From that moment on, they never stop thanking me for introducing them to this exceptional tool.

Marcello Cafiero

Innovative Educational Trainer

Lecce, Italy