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competition for schools

Book Creator competition for schools

Win 5 Chromebook tablets and other prizes

Are you ready to get creative? We’re launching a fantastic competition for schools, with amazing prizes on offer. Let’s start the new school year with a bang and show what students are capable of!

Submission deadline: 10th January 2020.

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The prizes

Each winner will receive this amazing package...

Sketch of an Acer tablet with Book Creator

5x Chromebook tablets
for your class (kindly donated by Acer).

Sketch of an open book

Professional printing
We'll turn your ebook into a real book.

1000 book plan

Book Creator premium upgrade
for every teacher in your school.

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1x Paid registration for ISTE 2020
(or equivalent local edtech conference)

Runners up will receive...

1,000 book plan
5x Book Creator upgrades for teachers in your school.

Book Creator t-shirts, mugs and stickers
Book Creator swag for the class.

How it works

There are two categories: ages 4-11 and ages 12-18. We will select a winner from both of these categories. This competition is available to schools from anywhere in the world.

Be as creative as you want to! You can create stories, comics, portfolios, poetry, journals, fact or fiction – there are so many ways to approach the competition.

Theme: A Better Future

What are the issues facing the world today? How can we address them? What will the future look like? How can we make the world better for everyone?

To approach this, you could take a scientific approach and study issues such as climate change or renewable energy. Or you could think about the skills we’ll need in the future when robots do all the work! Consider issues such as healthcare, housing, technology and craft a story or present your case.

It may help to look together at the United Nations list of 17 sustainable development goals. However you approach it, this should create some fantastic learning outcomes for your students, and some amazing book ideas for the competition!


All entries will be judged by our carefully selected panel of Book Creator Ambassadors from across the world.

Be sure to make use of all the features in Book Creator to bring your book to life – artwork, audio and video, creations embedded from other apps – it needn’t just be plain text!

Here are the criteria that the panel will be judging against:

  1. Idea/concept. How original is your book? Does it present ideas that make it stand out from others?
  2. Design. How creative have you been with the layout? Have you balanced decisions about font choice, colour, use of multimedia?
  3. Communication. Have you clearly communicated the ideas and characters in your book? Have you successfully conveyed drama, evidence, humour etc? We’re looking for well chosen words, speech, illustrations, and video that bring your book to life.

  Meet the judges

Submitting your book

The deadline for submission is 10th January 2020, 12pm GMT.

There is a maximum of 3 entries per school allowed, and these must be submitted by a teacher from each school (we will not accept submissions entered by students). You might want to host your own competition in-school first to select your 3 entries.

Submitted books must be a minimum of 3 and maximum of 11 pages long. Please try to include an 'About the author' page at the end of the book (this won't count towards the 11 page limit).

Use this Google form to submit your book. Please read the full terms and conditions below before entering.

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Full Terms and Conditions

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Full Terms and Conditions

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